Selex Motors introduces an electric passenger transportation vehicle and an integrated cold chain solution

Selex Motors is set to introduce an innovative solution, featuring integrated cold box on electric motorcycles, for the first time in Vietnam. Simultaneously, they will launch the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle model to cater to the diverse needs of the transportation sector and contribute to sustainable, eco-friendly transportation.

The official launch event for the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle and the integrated cold chain solution is scheduled to take place from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM on August 25, 2023, at the InnoEx 2023 International Innovation and Creativity event, which will be held at the Riverside Palace Convention Center (360D Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City).

The InnoEx 2023 International Innovation and Creativity event is expected to bring together over 20,000 participants, including experts, business leaders, and investors from both domestic and international backgrounds. 

During this event, in addition to unveiling the new motorcycle model and cold chain solution, Selex Motors will announce collaborations with Standard Delivery Joint Stock Company and ABA Commerce Solutions Joint Stock Company (ABA Cooltrans) as part of their strategic transition towards sustainable delivery solutions.

This milestone aligns with Selex’s broader plan to develop a range of products and services tailored to various market segments, as announced in November 2022. It plays a crucial role in completing a comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent electric vehicle ecosystem and reinforces Selex’s position as a pioneering electric mobility company in the Southeast Asian transportation sector.

Clearly, each step in Selex Motors’ strategy underscores their commitment to leadership, as both the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle and the integrated cold chain solution offer distinctive features not currently found in the market.

1. Why did Selex Motors introduce the Selex Camel 2 vehicle and cold chain solution?

In the transportation industry, besides delivering goods, the demand for passenger transport is also continually increasing. To better meet the need for passenger transportation and promote smart and sustainable transportation, Selex Motors has conducted research and developed the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle model.

If the Selex Camel is an electric utility motorcycle designed for heavy cargo transport, catering to shippers’ needs, then the Selex Camel 2 is a passenger-carrying model, tailored for rideshare drivers in the gig economy. Moreover, the integration of a cold box compartment into the electric vehicle offers increased convenience for cold-chain transportation scenarios, making it a suitable choice for businesses in the food and beverage (F&B) industry and specialized food production.

2. What optimizations and improvements does the Selex Camel 2 offer compared to the specialized delivery vehicles?

The Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle is a perfect blend of outstanding performance and optimal design for passenger transport. With the integration of numerous advanced features, this vehicle promises to bring a fresh commuting experience to its users.

The Selex Camel 2 offers a higher speed, allowing it to travel faster and accelerate confidently, ensuring timely passenger transport. Furthermore, this newcomer has been enhanced for easy maneuvering in tight city streets, narrow alleyways, and it excels at navigating curbs, speed bumps, and corners safely, providing a smoother ride for passengers.

It can be seen that this new vehicle once again reaffirms Selex Motors’ commitment to its core brand values of bringing joy and happiness to customers through the quality of its products and services. The Selex Camel 2 promises to become a nationally beloved electric rideshare vehicle, favored by people of all ages, and a reliable companion for drivers on every journey.

3. Advantages of the integrated cold chain solution with electric motorcycles

Selex Motors’ electric motorcycles not only transport regular cargo but also have the capability to carry cold containers and use power from the vehicle itself. This is the first solution of its kind in the market, offering numerous benefits for both individuals and businesses, creating business opportunities for users.

The cold box helps maintain a stable temperature, ensuring products are transported without being affected by the external environment. This solution caters to the demand for cold-chain transportation and ensures aesthetics and safety.

This also contributes to a flexible business model. Users can utilize motorcycles with cold boxes to sell ice cream, coffee, cold beverages, or even fulfill daily needs like outdoor picnics or storing fresh produce.

Participants in the event will experience and explore the exhibition of an optimized electric motorcycle ecosystem for transportation in Southeast Asia. The ecosystem includes: the electric scooter – Selex’s battery – battery swapping station – IoT platform, with the option to swap batteries at automated stations and test-drive the latest motorcycle models.

Furthermore, visitors to booth D01 will receive complimentary cold drinks and experience the integrated cold chain solution with electric motorcycles. These beverages are stored within the refrigerated box attached to the Selex motorcycles.

Concluding the impressive launch event, Selex Motors signed a strategic partnership with the Standard Delivery Partner to hand over 500 electric motorcycles, assisting the partner in swiftly transitioning to green transportation.

It can be said that the launch event of the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle alongside the integrated cold chain solution marks a breakthrough for Selex Motors in its innovative capabilities. The company consistently strives to improve and meet all transportation and business needs of its customers.

With this spirit, in the future, Selex will continue to engage in new activities to drive the development of intelligent electric vehicles, establishing a foundation for the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles in Vietnam.

>> Register here for a free test ride of the Selex Camel electric motorcycle.

>> Learn more about the Selex Camel specialized delivery motorcycles here.

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