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Selex Smart Electric Vehicles Joint Stock Company.

Selex Motors was established in 2018 in a small room of 10 m2 with the aspiration to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam and the world through smart electric vehicles and bringing renewable energy into transportation. Selex represents Smart Electric Vehicles X, while “X” denotes our potential extensive lineup of electric vehicle models and encapsulates the X-Factor.

The company was founded from the idea of Dr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, who has always dreamed of building a Hyundai for Vietnam, and 2 other co-founders, Dr. Nguyen Trong Hai, an old classmate of Mr. Nguyen when they were both PhD students in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, USA, and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quang, an IoT system expert.

From the very beginning, the company has focused on building a comprehensive ecosystem for smart electric motorbikes to promote the adoption of this type of vehicle in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Through this ecosystem, the company wants to fundamentally solve the current hindrances of electric vehicles: the inconvenience in charging and the high cost. At the same time, it brings to the users new experiences and novel values through data mining from the ecosystem and application of the latest technologies such as IoT, AI, big data. The company visions that every person can easily own an electric motorbike and enjoy the positive values enabled by smart and sustainable mobility.

Development History



To become a leading company in future technology, driving Vietnam and the world towards sustainable development.



To promote sustainable development through smart electric two-wheelers and renewable energy.

Core values

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Whatever we do is eventually making the planet more sustainable. We also aim to make an important contribution to the sustainable development of Vietnam by creating sustainable values through technologies.

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We challenge the status quo and constantly redefine what is possible.

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Providing the best service is always our first mantra. We also believe that mobility-as-service is the future and services will be key value creation and differentiator of a vehicle.

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We aim to bring delight to customers via our products and services.

Core capabilities

Research & Development

With a strong focus in R&D, Selex masters the entire research and product development process as well as the core technologies of the ecosystem. The company owns 10 patents, 5 industrial designs and 4 registered trademarks.

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Mass Production

With its own factory, Selex is capable of mass producing electric motorcycles, battery packs, battery swapping stations, and important electric vehicle components such as motor controllers, power management systems and display screens.

Smart Mobility Services

By developing a comprehensive electric mobility ecosystem, Selex aims to provide innovative services with novel values to users based on data and software.

Patented lithium battery technology

Selex team


Selex Motors is a highly skilled and experienced group of individuals, who studied or worked at various countries around the world such as the US, Israel, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Taiwan, and from large corporations such as Honda, Ford, GM, Yamaha,Yadea, PROTON, SYM, Viettel …

We share the same aspiration to build a deep technology company that can develop sustainably and compete with the world. We are willing to give up short-term benefits and step out of our comfort zone to take on challenges and create great value for the community and the country.

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With a new scooter, customers will receive warranty coverage and replacement of parts according to the manufacturer’s policy, if the warranty period is still valid. The standard warranty period for Selex Motors’ electric scooters and batteries is 30,000 km from the retail sale date to the customer or 3 years from the wholesale invoice date to the authorized dealer, whichever comes first.

Selex’s electric scooters come with a charger that you can use to charge the battery at home, but the battery is not included. You can purchase or rent a battery separately.

You will receive the product within approximately 2 weeks from the date of placing the order, but the actual delivery time may vary depending on demand.

You can register for the battery rental service here, or contact Selex via the hotline at 0977209980, or through our Facebook page, website, or app. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The installment payment policy is being prepared and will be applied as soon as possible.

The electric motorcycles from Selex will be serviced every 6 months (5000km) per time.

In some cases of unexpected incidents that prevent customers from bringing their Selex electric scooter to the Selex service center, customers only need to contact our hotline and our staff will provide enthusiastic advice and support anytime, anywhere.

Contact information:
• 24/7 rescue team: 097 720 99 80

You can download the Selex Motors app here. Then follow these steps:
Step 1: Log in to your account with your username and password
Step 2: In the navigation bar, select Selex Station
Step 3: View the map. At your current location, the map will show the nearby stations. Alternatively, you can view the station system in other districts.

Yes, you can contact Selex to change your service package for battery swapping while renting the battery.

1. Just replace the battery at Selex’s replacement station, and it only takes you 2 minutes to fully charge your electric scooter.
2. If you charge at home, it will take 5-8 hours.

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