Explore the Selex Camel 2 – The completed piece of Selex Motors’ electric mobility ecosystem

Explore the Selex Camel 2 - The completed piece of Selex Motors' electric mobility ecosystem 6

The Selex Camel 2 electric scooter is the top choice for drivers seeking a suitable electric motorcycle for passenger transportation. Let’s explore detailed information about this model in the article below.

1. Why was the Selex Camel 2 electric scooter created? 

Currently, around one million ride-sharing drivers are earning a living using gasoline-powered motorcycles. On average, these motorcycles emit about 4 tons of CO² per year, significantly impacting the environment and public health. Additionally, the high cost of gasoline is a burden for many individuals.

Therefore, electric scooters are a reasonable solution to address the aforementioned issues. However, electric scooters still have some limitations, such as long charging times (taking 3-8 hours for a full charge), suboptimal design, and a lack of charging infrastructure. But all of these issues will be comprehensively and effectively addressed by the Selex Camel 2 electric scooter.

Just 8 months after introducing their first-generation electric cargo vehicle, the Selex Camel, designed exclusively for transporting goods, Selex Motors has demonstrated its remarkable research and development capabilities by launching the Selex Camel 2. This new model is tailored to serve the passenger transportation needs. This achievement underscores the innovative drive and development prowess of the Selex team.

>> To delve deeper into the Selex Camel – the pioneer electric mobility ecosystem for urban transport in Southeast Asia.

2. Selex Camel 2 – Specialized Electric Motorcycle for Passenger Transportation

2.1. Optimized Performance

The Selex Camel 2 continues to inherit many of the features and characteristics of its predecessor, but it has received significant upgrades. As a result, the Selex Camel 2 confidently meets the demands of passenger transportation, ensuring timely and efficient service.

With its robust power of up to 4000W and an impressive torque of 140Nm, the Selex Camel 2 can achieve a maximum speed of up to 80 km/h. This makes it easy to accelerate swiftly and navigate steep inclines, whether it’s within apartment complexes or over bridges.

The Selex Camel 2 boasts an IP67 water resistance rating for its motor. This means the motorcycle can operate seamlessly even when traversing through water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes, making it an ideal choice for rainy season commuting. Furthermore, the inclusion of a reverse gear feature remains intact, aiding users in navigating through tight and narrow passages.

Despite its enhanced performance and increased speed, the Selex Camel 2 continues to deliver a well-balanced, smooth, and comfortable riding experience. Consequently, this innovative camel model is perfectly suited for a diverse range of passenger transportation needs, ensuring the safety and comfort of both the rider and passengers seated at the back.

2.2. Optimized Design

Compared to its predecessor, the Selex Camel 2 features changes in its design, with a streamlined body measuring just 1930 x 770 x 1260 (mm). This compact design enhances convenience for passenger pick-up and drop-off in tight spaces.

The ground clearance of 150mm reduces air resistance, improving stability when navigating corners, thereby enhancing safety during the journey. Simultaneously, the increased ground clearance provides better protection for the spine of many drivers, reducing the risk of the undercarriage hitting uneven terrain during travel.

Furthermore, the seat of the motorcycle has been raised by an additional 20 cm to provide a more comfortable sitting experience for the rider. The rear of the motorcycle has been compacted for convenience during maneuvering. The slightly raised rear end of the motorcycle helps prevent passengers from falling when going over speed bumps. This feature is especially suitable when passengers seated at the back are elderly individuals, children, or pregnant women.

The motorcycle offers a choice of 5 popular colors for users: Yellow, blue, green, red, and gray. The glossy paint finish, sharp and enduring color accents, make for an aesthetically pleasing design that retains its vibrancy over time. Overall, the motorcycle’s design is harmonious, minimalistic, approachable, and user-friendly.

2.3. Providing a Comfortable Experience for Drivers

With a dense network of battery exchange stations spanning major cities such as Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City, drivers can enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient battery swaps. It takes less than 2 minutes to exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged one. Notably, not all manufacturers can swiftly establish such a comprehensive network, as it requires time to synchronize products, services, and infrastructure.

Moreover, the Selex Camel 2 enables drivers to make significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. Additionally, electric motorcycles are increasingly becoming competitively priced in the market, making them a financially prudent choice for many drivers, ultimately contributing to their overall economic well-being.

the selex camel 2

In addition to delivering economic advantages, like up to a 50% reduction in operational costs (fuel and maintenance) compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, Selex’s latest addition places a strong emphasis on improving both the physical and mental well-being of its riders.

With dual shock absorbers fitted on both sides, long-distance drivers no longer need to concern themselves with the potential discomfort and health issues, such as back pain, often associated with extended rides. This design prioritizes a smooth and comfortable riding experience, ultimately enhancing the physical comfort and overall satisfaction of users.

Furthermore, the vehicle operates silently, significantly reducing noise pollution. With clean, electric-powered energy, the Selex Camel 2 produces no harmful emissions. Drivers also find happiness in contributing to environmental protection every day, joining the community in enjoying cleaner air.

It can be said that the Selex Camel 2 is a crucial component in completing a comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent electric motorcycle ecosystem. As a pioneering electric vehicle company in the Southeast Asia transportation sector, every step in Selex Motors’ strategy demonstrates their daily commitment to delivering optimal solutions to the transportation industry.

>> For more information about the launch of the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle and integrated cold chain solutions on  transportation, click here!

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