The Trend of Electric Vehicle Utilization in Logistics in Vietnam and Worldwide

The Trend of Electric Vehicle Utilization in Logistics in Vietnam and Worldwide 8

The “green vehicle” revolution is currently surging worldwide, particularly within the transportation industry. In Vietnam, the adoption of electric vehicles in logistics has emerged as a prevalent trend, making a crucial contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the advancement of eco-friendly transportation, aligning with the goals of sustainable development.

1. Numerous transportation brands around the world are employing electric vehicles in their logistics operations.

Many leading global transportation brands have recognized the potential of electric vehicles in optimizing their logistics operations. The transition from gasoline/diesel vehicles to electric vehicles in logistics not only fulfills environmental protection requirements but also brings various other benefits.

DHL, one of the world’s top transportation companies, has initiated electric vehicle trials and deployment in their logistics activities. They use electric trucks for delivery services and cargo transportation. DHL’s objective is to establish a sustainable transportation system, with electric vehicles being a crucial part of this strategy. Electric vehicles are capable of covering long distances and handling heavy loads, effectively meeting the company’s requirements for efficient cargo transportation.

DHL Express drivers use Selex Motors electric vehicles for delivery
DHL Express drivers use Selex Motors electric vehicle for delivery

Amazon, a global retail giant, has committed to becoming a fully renewable energy company by 2030. As part of this strategy, the use of electric vehicles in their logistics operations is considered pivotal. Amazon has placed orders for thousands of electric delivery trucks and is actively pushing for the deployment of electric vehicles in last-mile delivery. The shift to electric vehicles helps Amazon reduce carbon emissions and air pollution from their transportation activities, aligning with the company’s sustainability and environmental protection goals.

FedEx is also actively participating in the electric vehicle race within the logistics sector. They have purchased and deployed a substantial number of electric delivery trucks and vans globally. Specifically, FedEx is utilizing 150 electric delivery vehicles from BrightDrop in the Los Angeles area (Reuters, 2022). According to BNews (2022), by the end of 2022, FedEx aims to add over 20,000 medium-sized electric vehicles, and by 2030, all newly purchased delivery vehicles will be electric. The use of electric vehicles helps FedEx minimize carbon emissions and noise, creating a greener transportation environment and reducing impacts on communities and ecosystems. Additionally, using electric vehicles can reduce fuel and maintenance costs while enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the transportation process.

In general, the increasing adoption of electric vehicles by leading transportation brands for freight transport reflects the overarching trend within the industry. The shift from gasoline to electric vehicles goes beyond environmental pollution reduction; it represents a concerted effort toward sustainable and energy-efficient transportation. Through the utilization of electric vehicles, transportation brands are effecting a positive change and contributing to the construction of a sustainable future while promoting comprehensive growth within the transportation industry.

2. What is propelling the electric vehicle transition race in the field of logistics in Vietnam?

2.1 The Electric Vehicle Market in Vietnamese Logistics

Lazada Logistics, a part of the Lazada Vietnam e-commerce platform, has taken proactive steps towards establishing eco-friendly transportation in Vietnam. As part of this initiative, the company has introduced 100 electric scooters for delivery operations in the Vietnamese market in 2023. Mr. Vu Duc Thinh, Director of Lazada Logistics, emphasized that incorporating electric scooters into the Vietnamese delivery market not only reduces emissions but also ensures optimal delivery efficiency.

Lazada driver uses Selex Camel electric vehicle for delivery
Lazada driver uses Selex Camel electric vehicle for delivery

Additionally, prominent brands like BAEMIN and GrabExpress have joined forces with Selex Motors to integrate electric scooters into their delivery services. Through these collaborations, these partners have recognized the potential of electric scooters in providing rapid and environmentally conscious transportation solutions. The adoption of electric scooters contributes to noise reduction, fuel cost savings, and lowered emissions.

The strategic partnerships between BAEMIN, GrabExpress, and Selex Motors mark a notable stride in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles within the delivery sector. This endeavor not only yields environmental benefits but also plays a crucial role in establishing a more sustainable and effective transportation ecosystem in Vietnam.

2.2 Driving Factors for Electric Vehicle Adoption in Logistics in Vietnam

The global upsurge in the electric vehicle trend has exerted a profound and positive influence on the Vietnamese market. The transition of numerous renowned global transportation brands like UPS, DHL, Amazon, and FedEx to electric vehicles in their logistics operations has had a compelling impact, serving as a powerful source of inspiration for businesses in Vietnam.

At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26, Vietnam made a resolute commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, ushering in an era of intelligent electric transportation. As a testament to this commitment, in the latter months of 2022, several transportation entities initiated eco-conscious endeavors by integrating electric vehicles into both delivery and passenger services, effectively supplanting conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Selex Camel Electric Scooter
Selex Camel Electric Scooter

Moreover, the ongoing refinement of policies serves as a conducive catalyst for Vietnam’s electric vehicle drive. In July 2022, the government sanctioned the Green Energy Transition Action Plan, designed to curtail carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in the transportation sector. The plan sets forth an ambitious target of 100% electric road vehicles by 2050. Vietnam’s unwavering governmental dedication to sustainable development and greenhouse gas reduction has established an environment ripe for fostering the adoption of electric vehicles in the logistics industry. The government has proactively introduced incentivizing policies, support mechanisms, and tax advantages to stimulate market growth for electric vehicles.

In tandem with this, heightened customer consciousness regarding environmentally responsible transportation services is also a pivotal driving force propelling the electric vehicle transition within the logistics sector. A growing number of customers now recognize the imperative of mitigating environmental pollution and conserving resources. They prioritize environmentally-conscious transportation services and actively press for businesses to provide sustainable transport solutions, with electric vehicles playing a central and indispensable role.

2.3 Selex Motors: Pioneering a Specialized Electric Vehicle Ecosystem for Urban Transport!

Selex Motors – a trailblazer in constructing a specialized electric scooter ecosystem for delivery services. With the objective of creating green and sustainable transportation solutions, Selex Motors is at the forefront of meeting the growing demands of the logistics industry in Vietnam.

At the heart of Selex Motors’ efforts lies a focus on research and development of cutting-edge technologies to manufacture and provide reliable and efficient electric scooters tailored for transportation activities. These specialized electric scooter models are meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of the logistics sector, including cargo capacity, maneuverability, high transport performance, and cost savings.

Director of BAEMIN and Director of SELEX directly experience electric motorbikes for transportation services.
Director of BAEMIN and Director of SELEX directly experience electric motorbikes for transportation services.

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Notably, Selex Motors isn’t solely concentrated on delivering high-quality products. They’ve established a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing battery swapping stations, Selex batteries, and an IoT-driven management platform.

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Leveraging information technology and connectivity, Selex Motors optimizes the management and operation of electric scooters during transportation processes. This optimization empowers businesses in the logistics sector to fully harness the potential of electric scooters, enhancing efficiency while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact.

Furthermore, Selex Motors has formed collaborations with well-established domestic delivery entities such as Lazada, BAEMIN, GrabExpress, DHL Express, and Sagawa, to champion the transition from gasoline to electric vehicles in the delivery field. In addition, Selex Motors and Viettel Post conducted a joint trial utilizing electric scooters for delivery, facilitated by cooperation between the Thua Thien Hue Provincial People’s Committee and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

During the trial, two groups of Viettel Post drivers carried out the same delivery tasks using both gasoline-powered and Selex Motors-provided electric scooters. The results showcased that the electric scooter group exhibited over 50% higher average delivery efficiency (in terms of delivered items per trip) compared to the gasoline group. The average fuel cost per kilometer for the electric scooter group was nearly 50% lower than that of the gasoline group. Throughout the month-long trial, the average income of electric scooter drivers surpassed that of their gasoline counterparts by over 34%. This positive outcome serves as a clear indication of the benefits and potential of electric scooters in the realm of transportation. Selex Motors has demonstrated the capability and effectiveness of electric scooters, contributing significantly to propelling the electric vehicle transition within Vietnam’s logistics industry.

Selex Motors - The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for urban transport!
Selex Motors – The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for urban transport!

Currently, as of June 2023, Selex Motors has introduced two programs to advance this transition effort, garnering substantial interest from drivers: the rental program and the pre-order program. Through these initiatives, drivers can own a Selex Camel electric scooter at a discounted price and benefit from up to a 50% reduction in fuel costs compared to gasoline. With these programs, Selex Motors has fostered enthusiasm and attracted users to transition towards electric scooter usage.

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Selex Motors’ pioneering efforts in constructing a specialized electric scooter ecosystem for delivery services significantly contribute to the electric vehicle transition race within the logistics industry. Selex Motors is not merely a provider of electric scooters; it is a strategic partner for logistics businesses, supporting them in implementing sustainable transportation solutions and contributing to the development of a greener and more sustainable future in transportation.

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