Selex Motors stands at the forefront of revolutionizing transportation with an optimized electric scooter system in Southeast Asia. The decision to prioritize delivery drivers as their target customers stems from the imperative of cost efficiency, heightened productivity, and streamlined logistics. Selex Motors has selected delivery drivers as their focal clientele, driven by the mission to overcome challenges and meet the demands of users.

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1. Key Traits of Delivery Drivers

The delivery driver is the person responsible for executing the transportation of goods from the point of origin to the destination. The delivery driver’s tasks encompass receiving cargo, inspecting and arranging it within the transport vehicle, driving to the pickup location, and completing the delivery.

GrabExpress drivers utilizing Selex Motors vehicles for delivery services
GrabExpress drivers utilizing Selex Motors vehicles for delivery services

Delivery drivers represent one of the most demanding service sectors, often compared to ‘marrying into a hundred families,’ owing to the following reasons:

  • Delivery drivers handle frequent and fast transportation tasks, often dealing with substantial cargo loads. Unlike regular motorcycles, transporting large amounts of goods can increase accident risks and pose challenges for the drivers. Moreover, fluctuating fuel prices become a worrisome factor for drivers, especially when covering distances exceeding 150 km in a single day, which leads to additional vehicle maintenance expenses.
  • In addition, delivery drivers heavily rely on their phones for constant communication with customers, reporting shipment statuses, or simply finding relief in entertainment after exhausting work hours. At times, forgetting to carry a spare charger or managing multiple phone devices also becomes a significant hassle for these drivers.

2. Why have delivery drivers become the target customers for Selex Motors?

Vietnam has emerged as the fourth-largest user of motorcycles globally, with over 50 million motorcycles currently in operation. This has led to a concerning level of CO2 emissions and fuel costs, surpassing 5 billion USD annually, impacting both the environment and public health significantly.

The present scenario presents a fresh transportation challenge, characterized by air pollution, fuel expenditures, and subpar transport efficiency. The current generation of electric vehicles lags behind in technology, failing to meet the diverse and innovative demands of users in a smart transportation landscape aligned with Industry 4.0. Hence, there is a pressing need for humanity to transition into the era of intelligent electronic transportation.

Drivers swapping batteries at Selex Motors stations
Drivers swapping batteries at Selex Motors stations

Furthermore, delivery drivers play a pivotal role in the retail and cargo transportation sectors. They seek vehicles that are cost-effective, resilient, convenient, and capable of accommodating substantial cargo volumes. Consequently, the demand for such vehicles is poised to escalate over time, particularly with the envisioned growth of eco-friendly transportation in the future.

3. Selex Motors Resolves All Challenges Faced by Delivery Drivers!

3.1 Meeting the Convenience Demand

Selex Motors addresses the convenience factor by offering a unique battery-swapping solution at their stations. Users can efficiently exchange batteries within just 2 minutes, allowing them to continue their journey for up to 150 km without enduring the lengthy 3-8 hour charging wait. This innovative approach stands as a focal point within the ecosystem. Through the user-friendly Selex Motors mobile app, individuals can effortlessly locate nearby stations and quickly navigate to them. By leveraging technology-driven convenience, this process eliminates waiting times, long refueling queues, heat emissions, exhaust fumes, and engine noise. Selex Motors is dedicated to elevating the customer experience within the realms of the Industry 4.0.

BAEMIN Drivers use electric scooter Selex Camel for delivery
BAEMIN drivers use electric scooter Selex Camel for delivery

3.2 Economical Solution for Cost Efficiency

Navigating the unpredictable fuel prices is a concern for many drivers who seek both speed and savings. Here’s how we address this challenge! On average, conventional drivers spend around 70,000 VND on fuel for a 150 km journey. However, with Selex, you can cover the same distance ‘smoothly’ with just 30,000 VND, utilizing 3 battery swaps at Selex stations. Moreover, you can take advantage of Selex Motors’ ‘Battery Rental’ and ‘Battery Swapping’ services, allowing you to travel 100 km for a mere 19,000 VND. What’s more, the Selex Camel electric vehicle fulfills delivery and transportation needs with ease, boasting a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

At present, Selex offers a variety of battery swapping and rental programs with substantial customer discounts, enabling savings of up to 35% on fuel expenses and a remarkable 50% reduction in maintenance costs.

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3.3 Maximizing Cargo Efficiency

The Camel vehicle’s design is meticulously crafted to meet a diverse array of cargo transportation requirements for drivers. With an uncomplicated process taking just 1 minute to remove or install the passenger seat, users can seamlessly transition between passenger and cargo modes in an instant. With an impressive maximum load capacity of 225 kg (1.5 times that of a standard gasoline motorcycle) and versatile storage compartments of varying sizes (up to 1m3), transporting goods becomes as effortless as ‘eating candy’.

Delivery rider utilising Selex Motors EV
Delivery rider utilising Selex Motors EV

3.4 Versatile Features

3.4.1 Conquering Every Slope and Navigating Flooded Environments

Drivers no longer need to worry about ascending steep inclines or navigating through flooded areas. The robust Selex Camel motor effortlessly overcomes these challenges. With IP65 and IP67 waterproof ratings, the ‘Lost Camel’ can confidently navigate waters up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. It’s the ideal choice for users living in flood-prone regions.

3.4.2 Charge Your Phone Anytime, Anywhere

A driver’s phone is an indispensable tool, used for checking orders, making customer calls, and providing entertainment after work. The inconvenience of carrying spare chargers or managing multiple devices is eliminated with the Selex Camel. Equipped with a convenient fast USB charging port, drivers can charge their phones anytime, anywhere. When the phone battery runs low, plug it in. If the vehicle’s battery depletes, easily swap it at a Selex station!

Selex Camel confidently runs underwater as Hanoi gets flooded by heavy rain
Selex Camel confidently runs underwater by heavy rain

3.4.3 Simplifying Tight Reversals

The reverse feature of the Selex Camel proves invaluable for drivers navigating narrow spaces. This functionality is especially handy in situations where turning around is challenging due to limited space. With straightforward steps, drivers can reverse without exerting physical strain.

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