Selex Motors: Transforming Delivery with Electric Motorcycles

Selex Motors: Transforming Delivery with Electric Motorcycles

Selex Motors is revolutionising cargo delivery in Southeast Asia with our advanced electric scooters. In partnership with Viettel Post and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), we conducted a successful month-long trial program in Thua Thien Hue province, that showcases compelling statistics and data, demonstrating the remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our flagship model, the Selex Camel, when compared to conventional gasoline-powered motorbikes.

In May 2023, Selex Motors is thrilled to have collaborated with the Thua Thien Hue Provincial Development Research Institute and the UNDP on the successful implementation of the Electric Delivery Motorcycle Pilot Program for delivery riders. As a leading electric vehicle company in Vietnam, this program aligns perfectly with our vision of developing smart cities and addressing climate change. Our primary focus is on promoting the dissemination of adoption of electric transportation and fostering a greener transportation system in Hue city.

During the program, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of electric motorcycles, with a specific emphasis on enhancing the user experience for delivery drivers. The insights and findings we obtained were shared during the highly anticipated “Launch Ceremony of the Electric Delivery Motorcycle Pilot Program for Shippers” held in Hue city. We were delighted to see the active involvement of government departments, businesses, social organisations, research institutions, and members of the public at this significant event.

As the global transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles gains momentum, Selex Motors remains at the forefront of this exciting trend. We recognize the transportation and logistics industry’s eagerness to embrace sustainable practices, and we are dedicated to hastening the shift to electric vehicles. Both locally in Vietnam and on a global scale, we actively collaborate with transport and delivery service companies to achieve our shared goal of transitioning to electric vehicles by 2035. 

During the month-long trial, two groups of Viettel Post drivers performed identical delivery tasks, with one group using traditional petrol-powered motorbikes, while the other adopted our cutting-edge electric scooters – Selex Camel. The objective of the trial was to assess and compare the activities and performance of both groups in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the electric scooters in a real-world delivery setting.

Delivery Fleet
Selex Camel Delivery Fleet

The results of the trial were astounding! The Selex Camel electric scooters have a higher efficiency (a 50% surge in delivery measured by the number of packages delivered per trip) than gasoline motorbikes. As a result, Selex Camel reduced the average number of delivery trips required by one-third, saving significant time and costs, two most crucial factors for delivery riders.

Furthermore, Selex Camel enabled the average fuel costs required per kilometre to be reduced by half. In the one-month trial, the average income of drivers in the electric motorcycle group was 34% higher than the gasoline group. As a testament to our success, 75% of participating Viettel Post drivers decided to purchase Selex Camel electric motorcycles for their delivery operations.

The use of electric motorbikes brings many benefits to Hue city
The use of electric motorbikes brings many benefits to Hue city

We acknowledge the findings of the research conducted by the UNDP regarding the challenges faced by drivers when transitioning to electric motorcycles in commercial operations, particularly the inconvenience of battery charging. We understand that this is a significant barrier that needs to be addressed to facilitate the adoption of electric motorcycles in the industry. Therefore, we are actively developing advanced battery swapping solutions to address this challenge and facilitate the proliferation of electric vehicles in the industry.

According to drivers, charging batteries is inconvenient due to the extended charging time (3-8 hours) required for a full charge. Compared to refuelling a conventional motorbike with gasoline, the charging process for electric motorbikes takes significantly longer, often requiring several hours to fully charge the battery. This can cause inconvenience for riders who require quick refuelling to fulfil more delivery orders. Furthermore, fast charging solutions raise concerns regarding battery lifespan and availability of charging points. 

The scarcity of charging stations also poses a significant obstacle for delivery riders, particularly those interested in areas with limited access to charging infrastructure. Furthermore, user habits pose a challenge as delivery riders are accustomed to refuelling at gasoline stations, making it difficult to transition to electric motorbikes with a different refuelling approach.

Delivery with electric scooters
 Selex Motors’ battery swapping solution effectively addresses these challenges. 

Our battery swapping system empowers delivery riders to confidently transition to electric vehicles by eliminating concerns about long charging times. This ensures uninterrupted delivery journeys, significantly enhancing their delivery efficiency. 

With Selex’s comprehensive support available 24/7 via our user-friendly mobile application, delivery riders receive real-time updates on their vehicles and easily locate nearby battery swapping stations. This streamlined process simplifies and benefits any hassles for our rider. By spending just 2 minutes at the swapping stations, they can refuel their scooters for a range of up to 150 km and ensure smooth continuation of their delivery.

During the trial, drivers highly appreciate the convenience made possible by this solution. Some drivers also stated that it would be difficult to use electric motorcycles for delivery without the battery swapping option.  

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According to Patrick Haverman, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Vietnam, promoting new and cleaner transportation vehicles can bring about sustainable benefits in many ways. The pilot initiative on electric transportation solutions will provide a clearer picture of these benefits, enhanced societal acceptance, identify existing barriers and provide evidence for policy development and future expansion.

Selex Camel has proven to be a game-changer in the delivery industry, spearheading the shift towards electric motorcycles and sustainable transportation solutions. The trial program conducted in Thua Thien Hue province, with the support of Viettel Post and the UNDP, has showcased unprecedented levels of delivery efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental benefits. As Selex Motors continues to lead the way in electric mobility, we hope that you will join us in driving the transformation towards a cleaner and more efficient future.

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