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Ho Chi Minh City, famous for its streets and vibrant energy, is embarking on a visionary quest for a greener and more sustainable future. Selex Motors had the privilege to participate in the meeting organized by the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City and the City Development Research Institute on 7 June 2023.

The primary objective of this gathering was to spearhead a transportation revolution by exploring the transition to electric motorbikes for passenger and freight services. Joined by esteemed logistics delivery companies, this momentous event marked a significant stride towards sustainable mobility solutions in the dynamic metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.

The meeting room buzzed with enthusiasm and anticipation as industry titans converged to share their visionary outlook for a greener and more efficient transportation landscape. In attendance were influential players such as Lazada Logistics, Grab, Baemin, Be, DHL, Viettel Post, Sagawa, as well as trailblazing electric vehicle (EV) pioneers. Accompanied transportation by representatives from various government departments and global organizations promoting green transportation, representatives from these diverse backgrounds set the stage for a transformative discussion that promised to shape the future of in Ho Chi Minh City.

Excitement filled the air as key industry players exchanged insights on the city’s ambitious green transportation goals. The potential of battery swapping technology emerged as a captivating focal point during the discussions, with the aim of revolutionizing the electric motorbike industry. This innovative solution has the potential to be a game-changer, offering seamless and convenient experiences for riders.

Together with our seamless EV battery swapping ecosystem, our flagship Selex Camel model stands as the ultimate solution for delivery motorbikes, offering unmatched efficiency and cost savings for our valued delivery partners. Furthermore, our all-in-one Selex mobile application allows for customized dashboards for logistics delivery companies to track and manage their delivery fleets easily. Ideas flowed freely as experts and industry leaders deliberated on how this cutting-edge technology could be integrated transportation into both passenger and cargo. The advantages of quick and convenient battery swaps were explored to identify practical applications for this groundbreaking solution.

The ultimate electric scooter optimized for cargo transportation
Selex Camel – The ultimate EV scooter optimised for cargo delivery

The gathering not only brought together industry leaders but also provided a platform for logistics companies and EV manufacturers to share their experiences and perspectives. It offered an opportunity for electric scooter manufacturers to listen and understand the challenges faced by logistics delivery companies when transitioning to EVs. Selex Motors, as a pioneer in the field, emphasised the importance of developing robust electric motorbikes and implementing sustainable energy solutions. These insights, gained transportation from years of expertise, helped shape the collective vision for a greener ecosystem in Ho Chi Minh City.

Selex Motors, in collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport, is poised to launch an exciting pilot program for EV battery swapping. The program aims to evaluate the effectiveness of battery sharing compared to traditional gasoline motorbikes. 

The Department of Transport highlighted that the pilot program for shared battery swapping technology in electric motorcycles aligns with Ho Chi Minh City’s overarching vision to shift from traditional gasoline motorbikes to electric two-wheelers. This initiative serves as a foundation for research and evaluation, paving the way for comprehensive policies that promote a shift towards environmental friendly practices in the city.

Electric Cargo Transportation
Mr. Tran Quang Lam, the Director of the Department of Transport

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Tran Quang Lam, the Director of the Department of Transport, the department expressed unwavering support for Selex Motors’ proposal and famous motorbike to champion the transition to electric motorbikes. Mr. Lam assured attendees that the department would act as a catalyst for change, working closely with the City Development Research Institute to finalise a comprehensive pilot program. Furthermore, industry associations were encouraging to contribute their perspectives, suggestions, and innovative solutions. The ultimate goal was to present a unified front to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, advocating for forward-thinking policies that would drive Ho Chi Minh City towards a greener future.

Selex Motors’ active involvement and unwavering commitment to leading the charge is a testament to their commitment to creating a cleaner and more efficient city. The proposed pilot program for battery swapping solutions holds the promise of reshaping transportation norms, offering inspiration for other cities and countries to follow suit.

Ho Chi Minh City’s transformative journey towards a greener transportation landscape is well underway. The recent meeting, fueled by the enthusiasm of industry leaders and spearheaded by Selex Motors, has brought us one step closer to realising a sustainable future. With their sights firmly set on electric motorbikes and innovative battery swapping technology, Ho Chi Minh City is paving the way for a transportation revolution that promises to redefine urban mobility. Together, we can create a greener, cleaner, and more vibrant city for all.

This meeting organised by the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City and the City Development Research Institute marks a defining moment in the city’s pursuit of a greener and more sustainable transportation landscape. The discussions held, the innovative solutions explored, and the spirit collaboratively performed by industry leaders signal a transformative shift towards a future where electric motorbikes and battery swapping technology become integrated components of a successful and eco-conscious transportation ecosystem. Ho Chi Minh City is leading the charge, and with each step forward, the city brings us closer to realising a greener and brighter future for all.

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We extend a warm invitation to all delivery logistic companies to join us, if you are looking to save operational costs, increase efficiency and work towards greener delivery transportation.

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