Electric Motorcycles: A Sustainable Transportation for Future

Since the mid-19th century, electric motorcycles have emerged as a promising alternative to motorized road vehicles, owing to their convenient operation and transportation capabilities. In the 21st century, electric motorcycles have experienced a remarkable resurgence, propelled by their numerous advantages, including environmental sustainability, fuel efficiency, and cost savings. Below is an overview of the future evolving landscape of electric motorcycles.

1. A Brief Overview of the Birth and Development of Electric Motorcycles 

In contrast to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, electric motorcycles rely on electric motors instead of internal combustion engines. By converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, they offer a sustainable transportation solution. Electric motorcycles are seen as a golden opportunity for environmental protection and addressing global climate change. 

Selex Motors' Electric Scooter for Delivery
Selex Motors’ electric scooter for delivery

Surprisingly, electric motorcycles did not emerge recently but have a history dating back to the 19th century. Between 1832 and 1839, Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor, created the first rudimentary electric horse carriage for transportation purposes. Over time, with significant advancements, electric vehicles began to operate on the streets of the United Kingdom and France. 

However, due to the limited availability of electricity infrastructure and certain fuel cost constraints, electric motorcycles gradually lost traction and almost vanished by 1935. They were eventually overshadowed by the dominance of gasoline-powered vehicles.

2. The Revival of Electric Motorcycles 

The limitations of internal combustion engine vehicles have brought global attention to two significant challenges. With gasoline-powered vehicles dependent on finite resources such as petroleum and coal, the escalating demand for extraction has resulted in resource depletion. Concurrently, vehicle emissions, including those from cars and motorcycles, have emerged as major contributors to environmental pollution, directly influencing the issue of global warming.

Electric motorcycles are a sustainable green solution for the future.
Electric motorcycles are a sustainable green solution for the future.

Faced with these transformations, electric motorcycles are considered an ideal solution for addressing these significant issues. As a result, since the latter half of the 20th century, electric motorcycles have garnered substantial attention. In terms of operation, electric motorcycles can be classified into three primary types: 

  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV): These motorcycles operate solely on electricity. 
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV): These motorcycles utilize both electricity and conventional fuels like gasoline or diesel. 
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles: These motorcycles primarily rely on conventional fuels like gasoline or diesel while integrating electric power as an auxiliary source. 

They are commonly known as hybrid or electric hybrid motorcycles. When it comes to design and intended usage, electric motorcycles are further categorized into three types: 

  • Electric bicycles: These vehicles are equipped with a battery and incorporate pedals for propulsion. 
  • Electric scooters: These motorcycles are powered by rechargeable batteries or utilize a fixed battery, eliminating the need for pedals. They bear a close resemblance to conventional gasoline-powered scooters. 
  • Electric cars: These vehicles are powered by electricity, featuring similar functions and designs as their gasoline-powered counterparts.

3. The global presence of electric motorcycles

Over the years, electric motorcycles have made their presence known in various parts of the world. They not only help address the challenging issues of fuel and climate, but they also benefit from significant technological advancements in society. 

While in the past, electric infrastructure was not widely accessible, today, electricity is available on most roads and streets, with the exception of remote and secluded areas. Furthermore, the bothersome noise and harmful emissions from internal combustion engines have been a nuisance for road users. In contrast, electric motorcycles, especially electric scooters, are known for their quiet operation and absence of unpleasant odors, offering a stark contrast to their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Electric vehicles have emerged as a global trend in research and development worldwide.
Electric vehicles have emerged as a global trend in research and development worldwide.

Recognizing the diverse benefits that electric motorcycles bring, many businesses in countries worldwide have been actively researching and developing electric vehicles to tackle global challenges. In the latest report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global electric vehicle stock has experienced a remarkable surge from zero vehicles in 2010 to over 16 million vehicles in 2021. Leading this trend are Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), which operate entirely on electricity. 

Notably, 95% of the total electric vehicle sales are concentrated in Europe, China, and the United States, while countries like Brazil, India, and Indonesia account for less than 0.5%. Although the sales figures in developing countries may be lower, they still reflect a growing interest in electric vehicles. Several studies have indicated that individuals in developing countries who express a desire to own electric vehicles are often technology enthusiasts with a passion for automobiles.

4. The trend of using electric motorcycles in Vietnam

In line with the trend of utilizing clean energy in transportation infrastructure, Vietnam is also actively participating in this field with numerous companies investing in it. Moreover, Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest number of motorcycles in the world. Therefore, to address the pressing issues of environmental pollution and climate change, it is necessary for people to change their transportation habits and transition from gasoline-powered motorcycles to electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, and electric cars. 

The major challenge for electric vehicles in Vietnam lies in the inconvenience associated with the charging process. On average, users currently have to endure long charging times ranging from 3 to 8 hours to fully charge their electric vehicles.

Selex Motors - The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for last mile transport in Southeast Asia
Selex Motors – The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for last-mile transport in Southeast Asia

Recognizing the challenges, Selex Motors has developed a dedicated electric motorcycle ecosystem for transportation, which includes the electric scooter, Selex battery, battery swapping stations, and an IoT-based management platform. 

Instead of waiting for hours to charge the battery, drivers can now quickly swap their depleted battery for a fully charged one at Selex’s battery swapping stations. The battery-swapping process takes less than 2 minutes, significantly faster than refueling with traditional gasoline. This convenient process can be easily performed through a smartphone application. 

The cost of battery swapping is also lower, ranging from 25-35% compared to the price of gasoline for the same distance traveled. Additionally, Selex provides 3 lithium-ion battery packs, allowing drivers to cover the entire day with a 50% reduction in maximum load. Furthermore, electric motorcycles produce no heat emissions, exhaust fumes, or engine noise. 

With its comprehensive and optimized solution, Selex Motors aims to create a “green revolution” in the transportation sector. By promoting the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles in Vietnam, they contribute to minimizing environmental emissions while delivering optimal transportation efficiency. This marks an important step towards advancing sustainable and intelligent transportation in Vietnam and the region.

In conclusion, electric vehicles, specifically electric motorcycles, are an essential trend in the development of countries worldwide, including Vietnam. Particularly as more consumers show interest in environmentally-friendly vehicles, clean energy usage, cost optimization, and enhanced travel experiences.

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