Why is the Selex Battery Swapping Network Popular Among Users?

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The Selex battery-swapping network has garnered significant support and interest from drivers and logistics companies. So, why is this network positively received by so many users? Let’s delve into the convenient battery-swapping solution offered by Selex.

1. Selex Battery Swapping Network Keeps Electric Vehicles Running Continuously

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For common electric motorcycles in Vietnam, users typically need to wait 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery or accumulator. Advanced batteries can travel around 150 km, while electric bikes using traditional accumulators can only cover about 40 km. 

This substantial difference in charging times and travel distances poses a significant challenge for electric vehicle users, particularly those who rely heavily on their vehicles for daily commutes or business operations.

Currently, most electric vehicles in the Vietnamese market use standard charging methods, with some offering fast-charging stations. However, fast-charging still takes 3-4 hours and is limited to certain vehicle models. This limited availability of fast-charging infrastructure and the prolonged charging times further complicate the usability of electric vehicles, making them less appealing compared to their gasoline counterparts.

In contrast, the Selex battery-swapping network offers a game-changing solution. Users can swap an old battery for a new one in under 2 minutes, significantly faster than conventional or fast-charging stations. 

This rapid swapping process eliminates the long wait times associated with charging, allowing users to get back on the road almost immediately. The convenience and speed of battery swapping make electric vehicles more practical for everyday use, particularly for those who need to travel long distances or make frequent stops.

The Selex battery swapping network consists of strategically placed stations in urban areas. Users can locate the nearest station via a mobile app and swap their batteries. This network of easily accessible stations ensures that users are never far from a battery swap, reducing the anxiety associated with running out of power mid-journey. 

The mobile app’s functionality enhances user experience by providing real-time information on station locations and battery availability, streamlining the swapping process.

This innovative solution is transforming the electric motorcycle market. For those who travel frequently or cover long distances, such as delivery drivers, the Selex network ensures continuous use of electric vehicles without disrupting work quality. 

Fueling the vehicle becomes a quick and easy task no matter the location. The ability to swap batteries quickly and efficiently means that drivers can maintain their productivity and meet their delivery schedules without the downtime typically associated with battery charging.

Additionally, through the mobile app, users gain a clear understanding of the Selex network and can quickly find the nearest battery swapping station, saving valuable time. The app’s user-friendly interface and real-time updates provide users with confidence and control over their vehicle’s energy management, contributing to a seamless and hassle-free driving experience.

2. Selex Battery Swapping Network Helps Users Save Costs

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The Selex battery swapping network offers substantial cost savings compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Gasoline prices fluctuate, affecting drivers’ expenses. Frequent travelers often feel the pinch of rising fuel costs, which can significantly impact their overall budget. 

In an environment where fuel prices are unpredictable, finding a more stable and economical alternative becomes crucial for drivers, especially those who rely on their vehicles for their livelihood.

With the Selex network, drivers can swap up to three batteries at a time, covering up to 150 km with just a few basic steps via their mobile phones. This capability allows drivers to plan their routes more effectively and ensures they have sufficient range to complete their journeys without interruption. The predictable and affordable cost of battery swapping provides financial stability and helps drivers manage their expenses more efficiently.

Selex stations offer prepaid packages (monthly battery swaps and rentals) or pay-per-swap options through the mobile app, providing customers with flexible choices according to their financial capabilities. This flexibility allows users to select a payment plan that best suits their usage patterns and budget, making electric vehicle ownership more accessible to a broader range of people.

Battery swapping is more economical than gasoline refueling, allowing users to save up to 45% on fuel costs compared to conventional gasoline motorcycles. The cost-effectiveness of battery swapping makes electric vehicles a viable and attractive option for cost-conscious consumers, further driving the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.

For example, a driver traveling 100 km per day would spend about 46,000 VND on 2 liters of gasoline (at 23,000 VND per liter). In contrast, covering the same distance with two battery packs requires only about 6,000 VND for electricity (3,000 VND per kilowatt-hour). The savings are significant, especially for frequent travelers. Over time, these savings can add up to a considerable amount, making a tangible difference in the overall cost of vehicle ownership.

The Selex network also alleviates concerns about battery degradation, saving users up to 50% on maintenance costs. Selex’s technical and warranty teams regularly inspect and maintain the batteries at the swapping stations, ensuring top quality and performance. 

This proactive maintenance approach ensures that users receive fully charged and well-maintained batteries, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and enhancing the reliability of electric vehicles.

Users can confidently receive fully charged batteries and travel without worrying about battery degradation or malfunction. The assurance of receiving high-quality, fully charged batteries enhances the overall user experience and builds trust in the Selex brand.

3. Selex Battery Swapping Network – The Future of Energy Solutions

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“Considering time and space, the battery swapping model is an effective solution,” said Abhinav Singh, Head of Transportation Operations at Amazon India. Singh’s endorsement underscores the growing recognition of battery swapping as a viable and efficient solution for energy management in electric vehicles.

Battery swapping station models are rapidly developing in various regions worldwide. In India, RACEnergy, based in Hyderabad, offers kits to convert gasoline-powered three-wheelers into electric vehicles with swappable batteries. This initiative highlights the global shift towards more sustainable transportation solutions and the increasing popularity of battery swapping as a practical alternative to traditional charging methods.

In China, pioneers like Nio and Geely plan to deploy 5,000 battery swapping stations nationwide by 2025. Recently, Honda Motor established the first battery swapping station for motorcycles in Tokyo, Japan. These developments indicate a strong global trend towards battery swapping technology, driven by the need for faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective energy solutions for electric vehicles.

However, in Southeast Asia, no company has implemented a battery swapping solution like Selex Motors. The Selex network is the only battery swapping system in Vietnam. This unique position gives Selex a competitive advantage and positions it as a leader in the region’s electric vehicle market.

Founded in 2018, Selex Motors has successfully developed an optimized electric transportation ecosystem, focusing on three core values: breakthrough convenience in energy refueling, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency. These core values reflect Selex’s commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers.

The company’s ecosystem comprises four main components:

  • Smart electric motorcycles
  • Highly compatible batteries
  • Automated battery swapping stations
  • An IoT-powered management platform

Battery swapping is the cornerstone of this ecosystem. As of June 2024, more than 60 stations have been established in major cities like Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City. This extensive network of stations ensures that users have easy access to battery swapping services, regardless of their location.

With a simple and quick installation process, the Selex battery swapping network is poised for rapid expansion, increasing the number of swapping stations to meet the mobility needs of the population, and becoming the optimal energy refueling solution for the future. Selex’s vision for the future includes continued growth and innovation, driving the adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

4. 70% of electric scooters currently on the market are capable of joining the Selex battery swapping network when using Selex batteries. 

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Besides Selex’s Camel 1 and Camel 2 models, the majority of electric scooters available today can access Selex’s shared battery swapping infrastructure with Selex batteries.

On June 14, 2024, Selex Motors and Son Ha Group signed a partnership agreement to utilize Selex batteries for the EVGO electric scooter series. Under this collaboration, Sơn Hà’s EVGO electric scooters will adopt Selex Motors’ lithium-ion battery packs for interchangeability. Selex Motors will also share its proprietary battery swapping technology with Son Ha, allowing EVGO scooters to utilize Selex Motors’ battery swap stations.

This collaboration underscores the ability of different electric vehicle brands to share a common energy infrastructure similar to gasoline vehicles. Selex Motors leads as the pioneer in establishing Vietnam and Southeast Asia’s first battery swapping network. Selex Motors’ battery packs are compatible with about 70% of electric scooters currently circulating in the market.

Selex’s “battery swapping like refueling” solution enables rapid charging in just 1-2 minutes, compared to waiting 3-8 hours for conventional charging methods. Additionally, monthly battery swapping costs are 25-40% lower than gasoline expenses. This partnership also reduces EVGO scooter prices for customers by eliminating the need to purchase batteries.

This represents one of Selex’s unique advantages: their batteries’ design, size, and compatible connector ports enable fitting into the fuel compartments of various vehicle types.

Therefore, if your electric scooter is compatible with Selex Motors’ batteries, you can seamlessly join Selex’s battery swapping network for convenient, uninterrupted long-distance travel without concerns about work disruptions.

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