5 Outstanding Features Making Selex Camel 1 the Preferred Choice for Delivery Drivers

Lazada Logistics Delivery Rider

Selex Came 1 by Selex Motors is not just an electric scooter for transporting goods. Many customers have found versatile uses for this electric vehicle in various situations. With its reasonable price, smart features, and impressive load capacity, Selex Camel stands out. Let’s explore the Selex Camel 1 electric cargo scooter in the article below.

1. Selex Camel 1: Mastering the Transport of Bulky Goods

Lazada Logistics Delivery Rider
Lazada Logistics Delivery Rider using Selex camel

With its superior features, the Selex Camel makes transporting bulky goods easier than ever. The Selex Camel can handle loads up to 225 kg, which is 50% more than standard gasoline motorcycles. It boasts a spacious cargo area that includes a basket, a trunk, and a versatile rear cargo box that meets regulatory size requirements.

Additionally, the Selex Camel’s mirrors are adjustable in length, allowing drivers to maintain clear rear visibility even when transporting large boxes. Selex Motors not only focuses on functionality and user convenience but also prioritizes safety and quickly adapts to the needs and preferences of its users.

2. Selex Camel 1: Conquering Slopes, Narrow Alleys, and Flooded Areas

2.1 Reducing Obstacles in Narrow Alleys

With this feature, Selex Camel 1 users no longer need to worry about maneuvering through narrow alleys. For example, if you need to enter a narrow alley to deliver goods but there’s no space to turn around, Selex Camel 1 allows you to reverse with just two simple steps, saving time and effort.

2.2 Conquering Steep Slopes in Parking Garages and Shopping Centers

The hill-climbing capability of Selex Camel 1 ensures that users can confidently navigate steep terrains. Its powerful motor can handle slopes up to 14 degrees, proven through real-world tests in large parking garages.

2.3 Tackling Flooded Areas

With an IP67 water resistance rating, Selex Camel 1 allows users to travel through water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. This means the vehicle can operate normally even in heavy rain or flooding, making Selex Camel 1 an ideal choice for areas prone to frequent flooding.

2.4 Easily Manage the Selex Motors Electric Mobility Ecosystem with a Single App

Đặt mua xe nhanh chóng, nhận ngay ưu đãi khủng

The Selex Motors app is an invaluable assistant for Selex Camel 1 electric scooter users! This smartphone app is designed to connect and manage the entire ecosystem of Selex Motors products. With this app, users can easily manage information related to their scooter, battery, and battery swap stations with just a few simple taps on their phone.

This convenience saves time for users by allowing them to check their scooter’s status, such as battery level, whether the scooter is locked, its current location, and the nearest battery swap station with available batteries. Users can also access their maintenance and warranty history.

2.5 Charge Your Phone Anytime, Anywhere

Understanding the needs of delivery drivers, Selex Motors has equipped the Selex Camel 1 with a quick USB charging port, allowing drivers to charge their phones anytime and anywhere. This feature ensures that drivers can always keep their essential device ready for checking orders, calling customers, and entertainment.

3. Integrated Refrigerated Solution in Cold Chain Logistics on Electric Vehicles

This solution enhances convenience for transporting frozen goods, making it ideal for businesses in the food and beverage (F&B) industry or those producing specialized food products. Additionally, this solution ensures safety and aesthetics for shippers navigating busy streets. These cold storage boxes draw power directly from the vehicle, showcasing the versatile applications of the vehicle’s power source for future uses.

4. Providing a Smooth Driving Experience

Beyond its economic benefits, such as reducing operating costs (fuel and maintenance) by up to 50% compared to gasoline vehicles, the Selex Camel 1 also offers a smooth driving experience. The ergonomic design focuses on the physical and mental well-being of users. Equipped with dual shock absorbers on both sides and an ergonomic design, long-distance drivers no longer need to worry about back pain. This ensures a smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable ride for users.

5. Travel with Confidence on Electric Vehicle with Selex Camel 1

Traveling long distances on an electric vehicle may seem challenging, as most people think EVs cannot cover extensive distances. However, with Selex Camel 1, you can travel up to 150 km on a single full charge. Additionally, with Selex’s nationwide network of battery swap stations— the new-generation “gas stations” for electric vehicles— you can swap your battery in just 2 minutes, allowing you to travel even further. Thus, long-distance trips on electric vehicles are entirely feasible.

Electric vehicles are not only as convenient as gasoline vehicles but are becoming a reality thanks to their versatility and convenience. Moreover, EVs are environmental ambassadors, reducing emissions and fossil fuel consumption. This is why many countries, including the United States, China, and Taiwan, have widely adopted this type of vehicle.

6. Feedback from Businesses and Drivers Using Selex Camel 1 Electric Motorcycle

Selex Motors hợp tác chiến lược với Samsung SDI để cung cấp pin xe điện cho Việt Nam và Đông Nam Á 1

Selex Motors and Viettel Post have partnered to conduct a trial program in collaboration with the Thua Thien Hue Provincial People’s Committee and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), yielding highly positive results.

In the trial, Viettel Post drivers were divided into two groups: one using gasoline motorcycles and the other using electric motorcycles from Selex Motors. The findings revealed that the electric motorcycle group achieved an average delivery performance over 50% higher than the gasoline group, as measured by the number of deliveries per trip. Over the one-month trial period, the average income of the electric motorcycle drivers was over 34% higher than that of the gasoline motorcycle drivers.

Additionally, Selex Motors recently teamed up with GrabExpress to shift towards greener transportation models. The positive feedback from GrabExpress drivers underscores the trust users have in Selex Motors’ electric motorcycles.

The Selex Camel electric motorcycle has demonstrated its capability and effectiveness in the delivery sector, while also aiding the transition to electric vehicles in Vietnam. This shift benefits the environment, reduces noise pollution, conserves energy, and offers drivers opportunities for increased income.

For more details and to receive consultation on Selex electric motorcycles, please contact us at: 

Selex Motors Hotline: 1900 633 489

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