Selex Motors “joins hands” with ABA Cooltrans – a leading partner in cold chain delivery

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Following the recent introduction of their integrated electric motorcycle refrigeration solution, Selex Motors has teamed up with ABA Cooltrans to initiate a trial run of 100 electric motorcycles this year. Their ambitious aim is to roll out 1,000 electric motorcycles nationwide within the next 3 years.

The transportation of perishable goods presents a myriad of challenges, from maintaining precise temperature control to preserving product quality. Typically, refrigerated transport vehicles rely on dry ice or wet ice to temporarily lower temperatures, but this approach often proves to be inefficient. It results in energy wastage and a deterioration in product quality.

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Selex’s innovative solution integrates refrigeration units into electric motorcycles, setting a new standard. Importantly, it eliminates the need for separate batteries or external power sources. Instead, it harnesses the motorcycle’s onboard battery to power the refrigeration units continuously, maintaining different temperature levels as required.

Standard Express x Selex Motors

At the InnoEx International Innovation Event held on August 25, 2023, ABA Cooltrans, the leading cold supply chain service provider in Vietnam, officially entered into a collaboration with Selex Motors.

This agreement marks the beginning of a large-scale integrated refrigeration solution pilot program. The objective is to deploy 100 electric motorcycles this year and increase this number to 1,000 motorcycles nationwide within the next 3 years.

This solution addresses the need for preserving perishable goods during transportation by ABA Cooltrans. Notably, it represents the first two-wheeled refrigerated transportation solution in the market. Therefore, ABA Cooltrans can be seen as a pioneering partner in the application of integrated refrigeration solutions in the delivery industry.

Selex Motors "joins hands" with ABA Cooltrans

Selex Motors’ solution has paved the way for an entirely novel approach to cold chain transportation. Instead of relying on ineffective methods like dry ice or wet ice, their refrigeration units tap into the motorcycle’s battery to maintain consistent temperatures within the refrigerated compartments. This results in an efficient, secure, and high-quality delivery method.

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This collaboration yields numerous exceptional benefits for both parties and the cold chain transportation industry at large. Firstly, the use of energy from the motorcycle’s battery not only reduces fueling expenses but also cuts down on transportation costs for businesses and consumers, all while contributing to environmental preservation.

ABA Cooltrans

Secondly, this integrated refrigeration solution ensures the consistent maintenance of low temperatures, preserving the quality of frozen products, especially agricultural goods and fresh produce. Having a transportation vehicle that guarantees stable temperatures can enhance a business’s brand value and reliability significantly.

Furthermore, improving the efficiency of cold chain transportation also means improving access to frozen food for remote and hard-to-reach areas. This contributes to enhancing the quality of life for people living in isolated regions.

Selex Motors "joins hands" with ABA Cooltrans  1

This strategic initiative signifies ABA Cooltrans’ commitment to maintaining its leadership position in the market and achieving its goal of establishing the first and only standard cold logistics supply chain in Vietnam.

During the partnership ceremony with ABA Cooltrans, Selex Motors also officially unveiled the new Selex Camel 2 model – an electric motorcycle optimized for passenger transport. This means that just 8 months after launching the Selex Camel electric motorcycle designed for cargo transport, the company has completed two crucial pieces of the puzzle for the first-ever optimized electric motorcycle transportation ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Selex Motors "joins hands" with ABA Cooltrans 2

Furthermore, with its pioneering application of refrigeration technology, Selex Motors is also at the forefront of introducing the concept of “electric motorcycles as mobile power sources” to the market, opening up numerous future application possibilities.

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