What are the similarities and differences between Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 ?

Although both Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 are electric scooter models designed for efficient transportation and produced by Selex Motors, they have several notable differences. Let’s delve into these distinctions in the article below!

1. Introduction to Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2

In the face of pressing challenges such as environmental pollution and the consistent surge in gasoline prices, electric scooters have emerged as an indispensable solution to replace traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles. This shift is not unique to Vietnam, which ranks fourth globally in terms of annual motorcycle sales; many other countries are also vigorously promoting green transportation and advocating for the use of clean energy.

While the market currently boasts a plethora of electric scooter options, not all of them are capable of handling heavy loads, and many exhibit suboptimal designs. Moreover, electric scooters often share the common drawback of lengthy charging times, forcing users to wait for 3-8 hours to achieve a full battery charge.

With the goal of addressing these drawbacks associated with electric scooters, Selex Motors, a company specializing in intelligent electric vehicles, embarked on research and development efforts, resulting in the introduction of two electric scooter models: Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2. The aim is to usher in a “green transportation revolution” and revolutionize the field of electric mobility.

Selex Motors - The first and most electric mobilty ecosystem for urban transport
Selex Motors – The first and most electric mobilty ecosystem for urban transport

Selex Camel was introduced on November 27, 2022, at the company’s factory in Gia Lam, Hanoi. On the other hand, Selex Camel 2 was just launched on August 25, 2023, at the International Innovation and Creativity Event, InnoEx. Both of these scooter models have garnered significant attention from a wide range of drivers in the transportation industry, specifically, and motorcycle commuters in general.

2. Common Features of Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2

In pursuit of fostering sustainable development in Vietnam through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, Selex Motors has established an optimal electric motorcycle ecosystem for the first time in Southeast Asia. This ecosystem comprises four key elements: the motorcycles themselves, batteries, battery exchange stations, and critical onboard components like motor control, energy management systems, and displays.

Hence, both the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 play essential roles within this ecosystem. They are both intelligently designed electric motorcycles tailored for the transportation industry, and they both employ a unique battery exchange solution, which represents a pioneering innovation in Vietnam.

Each motorcycle comes equipped with 3 lithium-ion batteries. With just one battery, the motorcycle can cover a maximum distance of 50 km, ensuring normal operation even when only one battery is installed. If all three batteries are utilized, the motorcycle can travel nearly 150 km on a single full charge.

Grab's drivers swapping batteries at the station.
Grab’s drivers swapping batteries at the station.

When driving and the electric motorcycle’s battery runs out, users can locate the nearest battery exchange station to swap their depleted battery for a fresh one from the station’s compartment, allowing them to continue their journey. The cost of battery exchange is lower than the price of gasoline by 25-35% for the same distance traveled.

Therefore, regardless of the choice of electric motorcycle, drivers can enjoy numerous benefits, including cost savings, time efficiency, and the peace of mind that their vehicle won’t run out of power in the middle of the road. Additionally, using electric motorcycles contributes to environmental protection by reducing air pollution and noise pollution.

Furthermore, both the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 are electric motorcycle models with exceptional load capacity, capable of carrying weights of up to 225 kg, a feat not achieved by many two-wheeled electric vehicles. The rear seat of these motorcycles is specially designed, allowing users to easily detach it to attach cargo boxes for transporting goods and reverse the process for carrying passengers.

Additionally, Selex’s “camel warriors” are all equipped with a pair of shock absorbers to provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience, reducing back strain for the rider. The motorcycle’s storage compartment has a capacity of 11 liters, sufficient to hold a half-face helmet.

Referred to as smart electric motorcycles, both the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 are connected to a mobile app, offering users convenient remote vehicle management. These motorcycles feature a reverse gear, have an IP67 water resistance rating, and provide drivers with the confidence to navigate through narrow alleys and ride in rainy weather without worrying about vehicle damage.

Regarding the design of the motorcycles, in addition to the flexible rear seat for easy removal and attachment, both models are equipped with a front basket to increase cargo space. There are five color options available for both the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2: red, yellow, gray, blue, and green.


3. Differences between Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2

3.1. Regarding the purpose of use

When discussing the differences between the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 vehicles, the primary point to consider is their intended use. While the Selex Camel is an electric utility scooter designed for cargo delivery, the Selex Camel 2 is optimized for passenger transport.

In simpler terms, the Selex Camel is a great fit for delivery drivers, particularly those handling heavy loads. Conversely, the Selex Camel 2 has been enhanced to cater to motorcycle taxi drivers, specializing in passenger transportation. It is designed for individuals who want to use the scooter for their daily commute, as a cost-effective alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.

Given the distinct purposes of these two vehicles, the Selex team conducted research and made improvements to the Selex Camel 2 model to optimize it for passenger transport. While the Selex Camel can still carry passengers, it may not be as well-suited for this specific purpose as the Selex Camel 2. Understanding this fundamental difference allows users to select the type of vehicle that aligns best with their needs.

3.2. Regarding performance

Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2's specificaions
Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2’s specificaions

The ground clearance of the Selex Camel 2 has been raised to 150mm, making it easy to navigate rough roads and obstacles. With a maximum power output of 4000W and torque reaching 140 Nm, which is more than a 40% improvement compared to the previous model, the Selex Camel 2 is a powerful scooter capable of reaching a top speed of up to 80km/h and excelling in hill climbing.

The weight of the Selex Camel 2 without the battery is 90 kg, while the Selex Camel weighs 84 kg. When both scooters are equipped with 3 batteries, the Selex Camel 2 weighs 113.4 kg, whereas the Selex Camel is 105 kg. It’s evident that the Selex Camel 2 is heavier than the Selex Camel. This weight difference is because the Selex Camel 2 is designed for passenger transport, which requires additional weight capacity, while the Selex Camel is intended for cargo delivery, where a lighter weight is advantageous.

Both scooters are equipped with a pair of shock absorbers. However, the Selex Camel can be fitted with an additional pair of shock absorbers if customers require them to facilitate the safe, smooth, and convenient transportation of bulky goods.

Thanks to performance improvements, the Selex Camel 2 is equipped with a powerful motor, providing excellent speed and performance. This allows users to quickly reach their desired destinations and makes it easier for drivers to pick up passengers promptly.

3.3. Regarding design

At first glance, users may easily confuse the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 because their designs are quite similar. However, to quickly distinguish between these two models, one can look at the design of the rear seat for identification.

Compared to the previous electric scooter model, the new Selex Camel 2 is designed to be shorter, making it convenient for maneuvering through narrow alleys and tight spaces. The rear end and seat of the scooter are designed to be compact and elegant while still allowing for easy removal and installation of the seat, enabling users to attach small and medium-sized cargo boxes with ease.

The rear seat of the Selex Camel 2 has a slight raised edge at the back, offering extra support for the rider. This design feature is particularly convenient for drivers or users who need to transport small children or elderly passengers. Furthermore, the front seat has been elevated by an additional 20 mm to provide a more comfortable riding experience for the driver.

The rear light section has also been made more compact. With a robust motor, the wheels of the Selex Camel 2 have been enlarged, making them larger than those of the previous model. This increase in wheel size serves to enhance the vehicle’s stability, while also giving it a more robust and speedy appearance, making it ideal for passenger transport.

When carrying cargo and using larger cargo boxes, drivers may experience reduced visibility to the rear. To address this issue, the mechanical engineers at Selex Motors have designed an extended rearview mirror feature for the Selex Camel. Drivers can adjust and extend the mirrors to observe the surrounding road, ensuring safety while navigating traffic. When not needed, the mirrors can be retracted.

As the Selex Camel 2 has been improved for passenger transport, it does not feature the extended mirror function found in the cargo-carrying Selex Camel model. Therefore, in addition to the seat, users can also differentiate between the two vehicles by checking for the presence of a knob or screw near the rearview mirror. If a vehicle has this knob or screw, it is the Selex Camel designed for cargo delivery.

Similarly, the Selex Camel 2 does not have the feature of extending the rear seat like the Selex Camel. When using the Selex Camel, drivers can extend the frame at the rear of the scooter to increase the cargo area, allowing for more space to carry goods.

In general, both the Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 are valuable tools for drivers in the transportation industry, helping to save costs and time. Both scooters can carry both passengers and cargo, but to fully experience their various features and enhanced work performance, delivery drivers may opt for the Selex Camel, while motorcycle taxi drivers may prefer the Selex Camel 2.

If drivers are interested in purchasing these scooters, they can call the hotline number provided below or register for a free test drive.

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