Selex Motors EV Ecosystem for Delivery in Southeast Asia

Selex Motors EV Ecosystem for Delivery in Southeast Asia 2

1. Electric Scooter Market in Vietnam

With over 96 million people, Vietnam stands as the fourth-largest motorcycle market worldwide, with nearly half of its population owning motorcycles, making it one of the most promising markets for electric scooters in the world. The electric motorbike market in Vietnam has witnessed remarkable growth with several prominent brands which includes Selex Motors in the rising in recent years.

Dat Bike has achieved powerful recognition for its appealing and electric motorbikes, while Vinfast, a renowned automotive manufacturer, has expanded into the electric motorbike segment, elegant and technologically advanced scooters. Pega has made strides with its affordable and practical electric scooters. Yadea, a global electric vehicle manufacturer, offers stylish and high-performance electric scooters. Alongside these brands, other notable players also contribute to the vibrant electric motorbike market in Vietnam, offering consumers a wide selection of sustainable transportation options.

1.1 A Sustainable Future for Transportation 

In the realm of transportation, electric vehicles have emerged as a transformative force, offering not only significant cost savings but also a more sustainable alternative to conventional gasoline-powered motorcycles. The increasing ubiquity of electric vehicles worldwide not only promotes sustainable development but also integrates renewable energy into transportation systems. 

1.2 Challenges of Electric Vehicles in Vietnam

nevertheless, despite their numerous advantages, the adoption of electric scooters has faced formidable hurdles that hinder their widespread usage. The adoption of electric motorbikes in Vietnam faces several challenges that hinder their widespread usage. One of the key obstacles is the lack of charging infrastructure. The limited  availability of charging stations makes it difficult for electric motorbike owners to conveniently charge their vehicles, especially for those living in areas with limited access to charging points.

Furthermore, long charging times present another significant challenge. Compared to refueling a conventional motorbike with gasoline, the charging process for electric motorbikes takes significant longer and often requires several hours to fully charge the battery. This can cause inconvenience for users who require quick refueling for their daily commutation needs. In addition, the habits of users pose a challenge as well. Many Vietnamese motorbike users are practiced to the convenience of refueling their vehicles at roadside gasoline stations, making it challenging to transition to electric motorbikes that require a different approach to refueling, compelling the users to step out of their comfort zone.

Finally, the shorter traveling range of electric motorbikes compared to their gasoline counterparts can be a limitation, especially for individuals who frequently travel long distances or rely on theirs for extended periods without access to motorbike charging facilities. Thus, addressing these challenges is crucial to fostering the adoption of electric motorbikes in Vietnam.

2. Building a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Change

At Selex Motors, we are propelled by a grand mission — to foster the growth of electric mobility, not merely by manufacturing motorbikes and batteries, but by comprehensive obstacles designed to overcome these.

Our vision extends far beyond the creation of exceptional electric scooters. We recognize that true transformation requires a holistic approach. Therefore, we have developed an innovative battery-swapping ecosystem — an ingenious solution to address the challenges of long charging times and inappropriate charging infrastructure. We empower riders to overcome the limitations that have hindered the mass adoption of electric scooters with our electric scooter battery-swapping ecosystem.

Selex Motors Battery Swapping Ecosystem
A whole new battery-swapping ecosystem

2.1 Understanding the Battery Swapping Ecosystem

A battery-swapping ecosystem enables electric vehicle users to quickly exchange batteries at designated swapping points throughout a city or specific areas. These conveniently located battery-swapping stations can be found in shops, service centers, and other accessible areas.

At these battery swapping points, users can quickly and easily exchange their drain batteries for fully charged ones within minutes. This system not only addresses the challenge of long charging times but also ensures safe and convenient battery charging, making electric vehicle usage more practical and convenient. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the key components that make up our battery-swapping ecosystem: the Selex Camel electric scooter, the Selex Battery, the battery-swapping stations, and the mobile application.

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2.2 Selex Camel: Leading the Way

Our flagship electric scooter series, the Selex Camel, has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2021, especially for cargo delivery. With a robust and durable design, the Selex Camel is IP67 waterproof-certified, allows it to operate in heavy rain or even floods and withstand up to 1 meter of water depth for 30 minutes. Furthermore, the Selex Camel is capable of traversing steep roads, bridges, and even basements with gradients of more than 14°, providing users with flexibility in navigating various terrains. In addition, it is equipped with a reverse gear function, enabling it to navigate through tight spaces with ease.

The Selex Camel is also optimized to hold maximum cargo load. It has an outstanding load capacity of 225kg, which is 1.5 times more than an ordinary motorbike, making it an ideal choice for cargo delivery. Moreover, it can be integrated with various cargo compartments that can be customized to meet specific delivery needs. Whether it’s food delivery or courier services, the Selex Camel offers a high-performance electric scooter solution that caters to a wide range of urban transport and cargo delivery requirements.

Selex Camel
Selex Camel

2.3 Selex Battery: Powering the Journey

The Selex Battery plays a crucial role in powering the Selex Camel and demonstrates a reliable and long-lasting range. This ultra-compact battery is designed with unmatched compatibility, allowing it to be used in 70% of all electric scooters available in the market. Made from high-quality lithium-ion cells, the Selex Battery offers a long-lasting range of up to 150 km on a single swap of up to 3 batteries, and a lifespan of over 10 years, providing cost-effectiveness for our users .

Designed to meet stringent international safety standards, our battery provides users with reliable power during their electric mobility journey. With its high energy density and efficient charging capabilities, the Selex Battery offers a seamless experience, and eliminates range anxieties commonly associated with electric vehicles.

Selex universal battery
Selex Universal Battery

2.4 Battery Swapping Stations: Convenience Redefined

Selex Motors takes convenience to the next level with our battery-swapping stations. Say goodbye to long charging times and range anxieties, which are major challenges when it comes to electric vehicle usage. Our battery-swapping stations revolutionize the way you power your electric scooter, making it a hassle-free and efficient experience.

With our battery swapping stations strategically located throughout cities and specific areas, you can easily find a swapping station located near you, wherever you are. These can be found near shops, service centers, and other convenient and accessible locations, providing stations where you have easy access to a fully charged battery whenever you need it.

The process of battery swapping is quick and effortless. In just 2 minutes, you can exchange your battery depletion for a fully charged one, instantly providing you with a 150 km range. This study the need to wait for hours to charge your scooter and allows you to continue your journey without any interruptions.

Whether you prefer battery swapping or home charging, we offer flexible options to suit your needs. Our battery swapping stations are to work seamlessly with our electric scooters designed, with recommended compatibility and ease of use. However, if you prefer to charge your scooter at home, our batteries are easily removable, allow you to charge them at your convenience.

Selex Motors Battery Swapping Stations
Selex Motors Battery Swapping Stations

2.5 All-in-One Mobile Application: Simplifying Your Experience

To enhance your electric scooter experience, Selex Motors has developed an all-in-one mobile application that simplifies your interaction with your vehicle. Our user-friendly mobile app provides a comprehensive set of features and functionalities, making it easier than ever to manage and control your electric scooter.

With the Selex Motors mobile app, you can easily track, control, and manage your electric scooter with just a few taps on your smartphone. Stay updated on your vehicle’s status, including battery charge level and range, so you can plan your trips accordingly. 

In addition to the convenience for individual users, our mobile app offers tailored features for logistics companies. Through custom dashboards and integration capabilities, logistics companies can streamline fleet management and optimize their operations. This empowers businesses to efficiently manage their electric scooter fleets and maximize productivity.

Selex Motors all-in-one mobile application
Selex Motors all-in-one mobile application

3. Embrace the Future of Electric Mobility with Selex Motors

Selex Motors is pioneering the ultimate Next-Gen electric scooters, and we are committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers. With our innovative battery-swapping ecosystem, high-performance electric scooters like the Selex Camel, and user-friendly mobile application, we aim to shape a sustainable future of urban transport.

By offering the Selex Camel electric scooter, powered by the reliable Selex Battery, and supported by our battery swapping stations and user-friendly mobile application, we are shaping a sustainable future of urban transport. Leave the logistics to us, while you focus on enjoying your ride. Experience seamless and uninterrupted electric mobility like never before with Selex Motors. Let’s drive a better future!

Ready to embrace the future of electric mobility?

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