Utilizing IoT Technology for Selex Mobility Ecosystem Management

Selex Motors battery swapping ecosystem

With just a single mobile application utilizing IoT technology, you can effortlessly monitor and oversee the entirety of the Selex ecosystem, encompassing electric vehicles, batteries, and charging stations.

1. Information Infrastructure – What is Selex’s IoT Technology? 

Hạ tầng IoT là một phần của hệ sinh thái xe máy điện Selex

For those not well-versed in technology, the term “IoT” (Internet of Things) can seem a bit perplexing—it’s a network that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. In simpler terms, IoT empowers users to remotely manage and control devices through a smartphone application.

As society makes great strides in technological advancements, IoT technology is becoming increasingly prevalent and finding applications in various facets of life. As a result, Selex Motors is not lagging behind in embracing this progress.

Developed and built on the IoT platform, Selex Camel’s management system seamlessly connects with all devices within the ecosystem, encompassing vehicles, batteries, and charging stations, thus creating a comprehensive and integrated system.

Through this system, users can take full control of the entire Selex Camel electric vehicle ecosystem with the assistance of a smartphone application. With just a simple touch, users can easily locate and swiftly navigate to hundreds of Selex battery exchange stations strategically positioned throughout the city for the purpose of battery swapping—recharging their vehicles with energy. The application of IoT technology to electric scooters is a unique concept pioneered solely by Selex Motors.

2. The Advantages of IoT Technology in Selex Applications

Selex Motors - The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for last mile transport in Southeast Asia

Thanks to the IoT-based management platform, riders can seamlessly connect and monitor the entire product ecosystem through the intelligent Selex app. The app boasts a plethora of integrated features designed to deliver a modern, convenient, and secure riding experience.

Upon using the application, users gain access to comprehensive information about their vehicles, charging stations, and battery packs, all facilitated by IoT technology. Moreover, vital details regarding battery leasing, vehicle rentals, and promotional campaigns are seamlessly communicated through the app. This empowers riders to take control of their transportation, enabling them to make well-informed decisions swiftly and stay up-to-date with pertinent news while on the move.

For example, if a user spots a promotion within the Selex app and decides to take advantage of it, they can save on costs while reaping numerous benefits. Alternatively, should they encounter challenges when swapping batteries at a station, users can utilize the app’s provided phone number or the emergency assistance button. Selex’s dedicated warranty and technical support team will promptly identify and address station issues, ensuring timely assistance. These distinctive advantages are made possible by Selex’s astute utilization of the IoT information infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Selex app offers a range of additional features, including:

  • Real-time vehicle and battery status checks.
  • GPS assistance to locate the nearest battery exchange stations/2S.
  • Convenient battery swaps using QR code scanning at stations.
  • Access to detailed maintenance and operational history information.
  • Remote vehicle tracking and locking capabilities.
  • Emergency assistance requests from Selex and the community.
  • Ownership verification for security purposes.
  • Fast and secure payment options.
  • Remote positioning and locking of the vehicle.
  • Reading the battery via NFC with a single touch.
  • Remote speed control of the scooter.
  • Scheduling maintenance appointments for the electric scooter.
  • Find the scooter in the parking lot.
  • Automatic payment renewal.

3. Using IoT Technology via the Selex App

After installing the Selex app on your smartphone, the first step is to log in to access your account information and notifications. Once you’ve logged in, your phone’s screen will display the Home Page.

The navigation bar is segmented into 5 categories: Selex Scooter, Map, QR Scan, Notifications, and Account. Please check Selex notifications regularly to receive the latest updates. The notification icon, a bell, is located fourth on the navigation bar.

Selex Scooter:

Smart and convenient control through a Selex Motors's application.

  • The Selex Scooter section of the app offers comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities for your scooter and its battery. Users can track various aspects such as remote codes, user battery packs, ODO (total distance traveled), remaining range based on current battery level, and trip history, segmented by day, week, and month. This functionality allows riders to stay informed about their scooter’s performance and usage patterns, enabling better planning for their journeys.
  • The app also integrates smart features to enhance user convenience. For instance, remote locking/unlocking of the scooter provides security and ease of access, while the ability to locate your scooter in a parking lot reduces the hassle of finding your vehicle. NFC scanning technology allows for quick retrieval of battery information with a simple touch, ensuring users are always aware of their power status.
  • Real-time scooter tracking further enhances user experience by providing live updates on the scooter’s location, which is invaluable for both security and logistical purposes. Moreover, users can conveniently schedule warranty claims, maintenance appointments, and adjust speed settings directly through the app, leveraging current Selex service packages to optimize scooter performance and longevity.


  • In the Map section of the app, users can easily locate nearby battery swap stations and Selex Motors service centers. This feature ensures that users can quickly find essential facilities for battery swaps or service needs, enhancing the overall convenience and accessibility of using a Selex scooter.

QR Scan:

  • The QR Scan feature streamlines the process of battery swapping at designated stations. By scanning the QR code using the Selex app, users can efficiently swap batteries in just 1-2 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and enabling rapid energy recharge during long journeys. This quick and user-friendly process underscores Selex’s commitment to providing practical solutions for electric scooter users.


  • These notifications keep you informed about new product features, service improvements, special offers, and any essential announcements. By staying updated, you can ensure your Selex scooter is always optimized for performance and efficiency.
  • Additionally, notifications provide reminders for maintenance schedules, operational tips, and upcoming events, ensuring you get the most out of your Selex scooter experience.


  • Finally, the Account section offers access to essential resources such as user guides, policies, and terms. This ensures that users have all the necessary information at their fingertips to navigate and optimize their experience with Selex scooters, including understanding usage guidelines and benefits associated with their service agreements.

In summary, IoT technology stands as one of Selex’s unique distinguishing factors, enabling the electric vehicle-battery-station ecosystem to attain a high level of completeness and advancement. Through the use of a single mobile app, users gain the ability to actively manage their means of transportation.

On March 28, 2023, with the nomination for the category “IoT-Based Software Application Platform for Intelligent Electric Two-Wheeler Ecosystem,” Selex had the honor of being selected as an outstanding solution in the software and information technology sector in Vietnam, receiving the prestigious 5-star Sao Khue Award for 2023.

This accolade is a testament to Selex’s dedication to IoT technology and the overarching ecosystem. With a vision of providing the ultimate user experience on the road and pioneering a ‘green transportation revolution,’ Selex Motors remains committed to product enhancement and the introduction of new services powered by extensive data and cutting-edge software, thereby delivering fresh and distinctive value to its user base.”

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Yes, you can contact Selex to change your service package for battery swapping while renting the battery.

1. Just replace the battery at Selex’s replacement station, and it only takes you 2 minutes to fully charge your electric scooter.
2. If you charge at home, it will take 5-8 hours.

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