Selex Motors Integrates Refrigerated Solutions on Electric Vehicles – The “Weapon” to Conquer the Potential Cold Supply Chain

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The cold supply chain has become a hot spot in the logistics industry in the Vietnamese market. Many major players have entered this market, and Selex Motors stands out as the first to introduce electric vehicles with integrated refrigerated solutions. This innovative solution promises to revolutionize the potential cold supply chain market for Vietnamese enterprises. Let’s explore the opportunities this presents with Selex Motors below.

1. What is the Cold Supply Chain?

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The cold supply chain, also known as the cold chain, is a management and operational system designed to maintain low or cold temperatures throughout the transportation and storage process of temperature-sensitive products. These products include fresh food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other items that require specific temperature conditions to ensure their quality and safety.

The cold supply chain is especially critical for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals because temperature fluctuations can significantly impact the quality and safety of these products. Maintaining the appropriate temperature throughout the supply chain is essential to prevent spoilage, degradation, and contamination, ensuring that products reach consumers in optimal condition.

By using specialized equipment and technology, the cold supply chain ensures that temperature-sensitive products are stored and transported under controlled conditions. This includes refrigerated vehicles, cold storage facilities, and temperature monitoring systems to maintain the integrity of the products from the point of origin to the final destination.

In summary, the cold supply chain is a vital component in industries where temperature control is paramount, playing a crucial role in preserving product quality, safety, and shelf life.

2. Current State of the Cold Supply Chain in Vietnam

Vietnam, a country rich in agricultural and seafood resources, is renowned worldwide for its diverse produce. However, as the market increasingly demands the development of a robust cold supply chain system, several businesses face significant challenges in processing, logistics, and storage stages.

2.1 Challenges in the Cold Supply Chain

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Cost factors play a crucial role, placing many enterprises in a dilemma due to their lack of necessary resources to compete effectively in the international market.

According to a Euromonitor report, the food market holds a vital position in Vietnam’s retail industry, achieving sales of approximately $1.2 billion. Including health care pharmaceutical products dependent on the cold supply chain, this market reached nearly $10 billion in 2020, not including seafood products.

However, as per the General Department of Environment’s report, food loss in Vietnam is estimated at around 5.75 million tons annually, equivalent to 60% of the country’s total solid waste. Specifically, during the food supply process, from farm to consumer, hundreds of tons of food are wasted each year due to inadequate post-harvest preservation and transportation.

For fruits and vegetables, the highest loss rate is 30%, while the average rate in Southeast Asia is 15%. The loss and waste rate for meat is 14%, and for seafood products, it is 12%.

This high level of food waste results in approximately 50% not being optimally utilized (Nam Sơn, “Cold Supply Chain Market – Great Potential, Open Opportunities for Businesses,” Tài Chính Doanh Nghiệp, 2021).

2.2 Opportunities and Potential

Despite the potential of the cold supply chain in Vietnam, the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods remains a significant challenge for many businesses today. The existing infrastructure and technological capabilities are often inadequate to maintain the required temperatures, leading to substantial losses.

3. Selex Motors integrates refrigerated solutions on electric motorcycles – a “money-making” solution for businesses in the cold supply chain.

In the context of gradually signed trade agreements, recognizing the potential and increasing demand for compact yet quality-assured cold transport vehicles, Selex Motors has introduced an integrated cooler solution on electric motorcycles.

Thus, the design of Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2 includes a standby electric port, allowing users to use electricity for lighting, installing additional hot or cold containers, etc., tailored to individual needs. This solution promises to be a “money-making” opportunity for many domestic retail businesses.

3.1 Why should you choose the integrated cooler solution on Selex Motors’ electric motorcycles for transportation?

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Selex Motors, as the first Vietnamese company to offer integrated refrigerated compartments on electric motorcycles, enables users to transport goods like medical supplies, fresh produce, and ice cream with ease, delivering directly to customers’ doorsteps across all roads and narrow lanes.

At the launch event for the Selex Camel 2 electric motorcycle and its integrated cooler solution, Selex Motors partnered with ABA Cooltrans to pilot 100 electric motorcycles this year. Their goal is to scale up to 1000 electric motorcycles nationwide over the next 3 years.

Why does this solution attract leading businesses in the cold logistics supply chain?

3.1.1 Convenience

Both models, Selex Camel and Selex Camel 2, can be equipped with refrigerated compartments of various sizes or customized according to customer needs. This flexibility allows users to switch between transporting frozen goods, normal cargo, and passengers.

3.1.2 Transportation of Frozen Goods

The vehicle’s battery provides continuous power to maintain adjustable temperatures from -20 to 10 degrees Celsius, ensuring optimal preservation of specialized goods (such as food and pharmaceuticals) with minimal exposure to external environmental conditions during long-distance travel. The compact and agile electric vehicles facilitate easy delivery to small distributors or directly to customers in narrow alleys.

3.1.3 Daily Transportation Needs

Refrigerated compartments made from materials like HDPE, aluminum, PP, and stainless steel meet health standards set by the Ministry of Health. They keep food fresh throughout the day, making them convenient for outdoor activities, long-distance travel with family, and outings with friends.

3.1.4 Mobile Business Model

This innovative solution enables users to adopt flexible and convenient business models, such as selling coffee, ice cream, fruits, etc., by utilizing the vehicle’s electrical power to preserve goods. This approach helps save operational costs by eliminating the need for renting physical spaces.

This summary captures the key benefits and applications of Selex Motors’ integrated cooler solutions on their electric motorcycles.

3.2 Where to Purchase Selex Motors Electric Motorcycles and Selex Motors Coolers?

To purchase genuine Selex Motors electric motorcycles and coolers, businesses and customers can contact directly via hotline: 1900633489 or message Selex Motors’ fanpage or Selex Motors Linkedin to place orders as soon as possible!

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