Selex Motors’ June Promotion: SAVE UP TO 22 MILLION VND

Selex Motors Promotion

In Vietnam, a significant shift from gasoline motorbikes to electric motorbikes is taking place, and Selex Motors is addressing the challenges of electric vehicle adoption with our premier Electric Vehicle (EV) battery swapping ecosystem, allowing riders to refuel within minutes.

In addition, the company has also partnered with esteemed brands in logistics delivery (Lazada Logistics, GrabExpress, BAEMIN etc.) and motorbike successful pilot programs to demonstrate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electrics. To further accelerate this transformation, Selex Motors has introduced two exclusive promotion programs for riders this June: A pre-order deposit program, and a Motorbike Rental Initiative.

1. Selex Motors – Building a Dedicated Electric Motorcycle Ecosystem

Selex Motors is well-trusted by renowned logistics brands like Lazada, GrabExpress, BAEMIN, Viettel Post, DHL Express, and Sagawa. Our comprehensive electric motorcycle ecosystem comprises four main components: smart electric motorbikes, highly compatible batteries, 24/7 automatic battery change stations, and an IoT-based management platform. This ecosystem effectively addresses common barriers of electric vehicle adoption, such as long charging times, fuel cost savings, and improved transport efficiency.

>> Find out more about Selex Motors comprehensive electric motorcycle ecosystem here

As a testament to the benefits that Selex Camel offers, a month-long trial program was conducted in May 2023 with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Development Research Institute of Thua Thien Hue. Based on the findings of the research programme, Selex Camel reduced the average number of delivery trips required by one-third, significantly saving time and costs. As such, the average income of drivers in the electric motorcycle group was 34% higher than the group that used gasoline motorbikes.

Selex Motors has launched many collaborations with esteemed logistic delivery companies
Selex Motors has launched many collaborations with esteemed logistic delivery companies

From the above efforts, Selex Motors has been making significant changes in the field of specialised electric motorcycles for transportation. In addition, Selex Motors’ contributions contribute to green transport, sustainable development and join hands with the government to bring net emissions to “zero” by 2050.

2. Selex Motors’ Exclusive June Promotions

2.1 Pre-Order Program with a Minimal Deposit

Now let’s look at the exclusive promotions that we have to offer! Selex Motors’ pre-order program has garnered significant interest from many delivery riders from GrabExpress, Baemin, Lazada, etc, as riders only need to make a deposit of 500,000 VND to enjoy a long-term discount of up to 22 million VND.

Deposit 500,000 VND to save 22 million VND in the long run.
  • Upfront discount of 3 million VND (~125 USD) on the purchase of a Selex Camel electric motorbike

The listed price of the Selex Camel electric motorbike in the Hanoi area is 22,890,000 VND, and in the Central and Southern regions such as Ho Chi Minh City, it is 23,590,000 VND. With the pre-order program, drivers can enjoy a direct discount of 3 million VND, making the upfront cost of the electric motorbike more affordable.

  • 50% discount on battery exchange package and 30% on self-charging battery rental at home

Under this programme, riders can save significantly on fuel costs. A rider covering a daily distance of 150 km would typically spend around 60,000 VND to 70,000 VND on petrol. However, with the June programme, the cost reduces to just 28,000 VND (850,000 VND per month with a 4,500 km package), half the price of petrol. Considering the soaring prices of gasoline, which have reached 25,000 – 26,000 VND per litre, drivers can save up to 19 million VND per year (~800 USD), including vehicle maintenance costs.

Selex Motors 6 months battery exchange package
Battery exchange package offer at Selex Motors only in JUNE!

Selex Motors offers a battery exchange package that allows users to travel without range anxieties. Whenever their battery runs out, they can conveniently locate the nearest battery swapping station with the Selex Motors mobile application. This battery swapping network is a breakthrough solution that makes Selex Camel motorbikes more convenient and cost-effective than gasoline motorbikes. Users also benefit from a warranty of up to 3 years (or 30,000 km) on the batteries.

  • Guaranteed 24/7 Customer Support

Selex Motors understands the importance of prompt support in unexpected situations on the road. To ensure drivers’ safety and peace of mind, the company has established a dedicated team for warranty and 24/7 support, available even during holidays and at all times of the day. This provides drivers with the assurance to continue their journey without interruption.

2.2 Selex Camel Motorbike Rental Program

If you are still not convinced of the benefits that Selex Camel will bring, try it for yourself! With just 88,000 VND per day, you can experience the convenience and efficiency of Selex Camel electric motorbikes through our motorbike rental programme. This initiative allows users to participate in a battery exchange network in three major cities: Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City. Enjoy mobility and seamless refuelling for your motorbike with this promotion!

Selex Motors' electric motorbike rental program

Selex Motors’ electric motorbike rental program

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With a new scooter, customers will receive warranty coverage and replacement of parts according to the manufacturer’s policy, if the warranty period is still valid. The standard warranty period for Selex Motors’ electric scooters and batteries is 30,000 km from the retail sale date to the customer or 3 years from the wholesale invoice date to the authorized dealer, whichever comes first.

Selex’s electric scooters come with a charger that you can use to charge the battery at home, but the battery is not included. You can purchase or rent a battery separately.

You will receive the product within approximately 2 weeks from the date of placing the order, but the actual delivery time may vary depending on demand.

You can register for the battery rental service here, or contact Selex via the hotline at 0977209980, or through our Facebook page, website, or app. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The installment payment policy is being prepared and will be applied as soon as possible.

The electric motorcycles from Selex will be serviced every 6 months (5000km) per time.

In some cases of unexpected incidents that prevent customers from bringing their Selex electric scooter to the Selex service center, customers only need to contact our hotline and our staff will provide enthusiastic advice and support anytime, anywhere.

Contact information:
• 24/7 rescue team: 097 720 99 80

You can download the Selex Motors app here. Then follow these steps:
Step 1: Log in to your account with your username and password
Step 2: In the navigation bar, select Selex Station
Step 3: View the map. At your current location, the map will show the nearby stations. Alternatively, you can view the station system in other districts.

Yes, you can contact Selex to change your service package for battery swapping while renting the battery.

1. Just replace the battery at Selex’s replacement station, and it only takes you 2 minutes to fully charge your electric scooter.
2. If you charge at home, it will take 5-8 hours.

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