Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics Pioneer Green Transportation

Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics

In a huge step towards sustainability and environmental consciousness, Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics have joined forces to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) for Lazada Logistics cargo deliveries. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the transportation industry, as the trend of transitioning from traditional gasoline motorbikes to electric motorbikes gains momentum.

Lazada Logistics has just received the first batch of 100 electric motorbikes from Selex Motors, a startup in the field of smart electric vehicles. As a trailblazer in the field, Lazada Logistics has spearheaded the adoption of EVs for delivery activities, reaping the benefits of reduced environmental impact and enhanced operational efficiency. Selex Motors’ revolutionary electric scooter, the Selex Camel, stands as Southeast Asia’s first of its kind, offering cost savings, efficient performance, and an innovative battery exchange solution.

Lazada Logistics Delivery Rider
Lazada Logistics Delivery Rider using Selex Camel

The sector worldwide is witnessing a remarkable shift towards electric vehicles, driven by the urgent need to mitigate environmental pollution and overestimate the costs of traditional fuel sources. Lazada Logistics, being a prominent player in the transportation industry in Vietnam, recognizes the significance of embracing green transport solutions. By leading the charge in adopting electric vehicles for delivery operations, Lazada Logistics sets a positive example for other transport and delivery companies to follow suit.

The Selex Camel, developed by Selex Motors, is revolutionizing the transportation landscape in Southeast Asia, specifically designed for city savings, this electric pickup has a robust design that allows for cost savings when compared to gasoline motorbikes, based on the same distance. With the ability to be fully charged in just 2 minutes and a range of up to 150 km, the Selex Camel offers unparalleled efficiency for urban logistics. Furthermore, the Selex Camel is optimised to hold maximum cargo load of up to 225 kg, where the delivery cargo compartment may be customized according to your delivery needs.

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Lazada Logistics Delovery Rider at a Battery Swapping Station
Lazada Logistics Delivery Rider at a Battery Swapping Station

Selex Motors leverages cutting-edge smart IoT technology to enhance the operation of its electric vehicles. Through a comprehensive ecosystem management system, drivers can conveniently monitor vehicle location, battery status, operation history, and transaction details. Furthermore, the system provides real-time suggestions for battery replacement and assists in locating the nearest battery exchange station. This integration of smart technology streamlines operations, efficiency, and ensures a seamless experience for drivers and logistics companies alike. This enables seamless control of your delivery fleets with our customized IoT dashboards.

The Selex Camel electric delivery scooter presents compelling advantages in terms of both environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By eliminating the need for petrol fuel and minimising maintenance costs compared to conventional gasoline motorbikes, Selex Motors offers a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation methods. As the world transitions towards a greener future, Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics pave the way for a more sustainable transportation sector in Vietnam.

Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics are committed to further collaboration and expanding the adoption of electric vehicles throughout Vietnam and the region. Recognizing the positive impact of EVs on the environment, the two companies are poised to scale up their efforts, capitalising on the benefits of sustainable logistics infrastructure and advanced automation technology. By prioritising service quality, consumer satisfaction, and community well-being, Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics aim to lead the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

“We are proud that Selex Motors’ solution has proven to be superior and has been chosen by Lazada Logistics as a partner. Starting with at least the first 100 electric motorbikes, we will work with Lazada Logistics and continue to replicate as well as in the region,” said CEO of Selex Motors, Mr Nguyen.

Mr. Vu Duc Thinh – Director of Lazada Logistics also shared: “Collaborating with Selex Motors to introduce electric motorcycles into the Vietnamese transportation market contributes to reducing environmental emissions while still delivering optimal transportation efficiency. Additionally, it strengthens the sustainable logistics infrastructure system with modern equipment and automation technology, aiming to provide the best quality of service to consumers, business partners, and the community.”

The partnership between Selex Motors and Lazada Logistics represents a monumental stride in the journey towards sustainable transportation. With the introduction of the Selex Camel electric pickup truck, both companies demonstrate their unwavering commitment to reducing emissions, optimising efficiency, and providing eco-friendly solutions that benefit the environment, businesses, and society as a whole. We look forward to enhancing this collaboration and expanding it across various countries in Southeast Asia in the near future.

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