The Future of Sustainable Cargo Delivery with Selex Camel

In Vietnam, the heavy reliance on gasoline-powered motorcycles has led to numerous challenges, including traffic congestion, pollution, and safety concerns. As such, the advent of electric two-wheelers (E2Ws) has presented an opportunity to revolutionise the delivery industry. Selex Motors, with its groundbreaking electric cargo motorcycle, the Selex Camel, is at the forefront of addressing these issues and spearheading the electric transformation in Vietnam’s delivery landscape.

1. Problems of the Main Mode of Transport in Vietnam

Motorbikes have become the transportation method of choice for millions of people in Vietnam. Their affordability and superior flexibility make them an ideal option for navigating the country’s narrow roads. As a result, these vehicles have become the main mode of transportation in Vietnam.

Percentages of modes of transport in Ho Chi Minh City
Percentages of modes of transport in Ho Chi Minh City (Source: Electric Power University, Hanoi)

As depicted in the figure above, gasoline motorbikes dominate as the primary mode of transportation in Vietnam. These versatile vehicles serve two main purposes: passenger and cargo transport. Notably, road transport in Vietnam constitutes a significant portion, accounting for over 77.4% of transported goods and a staggering 94% of passenger volume (H.T. Hai et al., 2020).

However, Vietnam’s high volume of private fossil fuel vehicles, primarily motorcycles, has resulted in traffic congestion and air pollution, affecting public health.

More than 60,000 deaths from heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia in Vietnam in 2016 were linked to air pollution. (Karagulian, Belis, & Dora, 2015).

2. Rise of Electric Vehicles

Due to environmental concerns, it has led to the rise of a more sustainable and less polluted alternative means of transport — electric 2-wheelers (E2Ws). E2Ws have emerged as a promising alternative, offering advantages such as zero tailpipe emissions, increased efficiency, and reduced noise levels. With a high rate of motorcycle adoption in Vietnam, the transition from gasoline-powered motorcycles to E2Ws holds tremendous potential for a sustainable and cleaner future.

Based on an analysis conducted by the Hanoi Electric Power University, the rate of E2W penetration is inversely proportional to the amount of CO2 emissions produced as shown below, indicating the environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

CO2 emissions and E2Ws penetration rate

3. The untapped market of delivery motorbikes in Vietnam 

Apart from passenger transport, cargo transport is also one of the main reasons for the use of motorbikes in Vietnam. According to Zion Market Research, Vietnam’s courier, express and parcel services market could exceed $4.9 billion in value by 2030, registering an annual growth rate of up to 23.8%. Multiple key market players have risen over the years, such as Viettel Post, DHL Express Vietnam, FedEx Express Vietnam, J&T Express, GHN Express, GrabExpress, Go-Viet Delivery, Lazada eLogistics Vietnam, Shopee Express Vietnam, etc.

Vietnam Delivery Market Size Prediction (Source: Zion Market Research)
Vietnam Delivery Market Size Prediction (Source: Zion Market Research)

However, the existing method of using traditional gasoline motorbikes for cargo transport has resulted in many problems, such as lack of comfort and safety, low efficiency and convenience. Selex Motors recognizes the potential in targeting delivery riders, who form a significant market segment. By addressing the limitations of traditional gasoline motorcycles, Selex Motors aims to provide a more robust and reliable solution for cargo transport.

4. Selex Camel Sets a New Standard for Cargo Deliveries

4.1 Improving Safety

Dangerous large cargo delivery on a motorbike
Dangerous large cargo delivery on a motorbike (Source: VN Express Net)

Ensuring safety is a top priority when it comes to transporting large volumes of goods on motorcycles. At Selex Motors, we have developed a cutting-edge solution that prioritises both efficiency and safety – the Selex Camel electric scooter.

Unlike conventional gasoline motorcycles designed primarily for passenger transportation, the Selex Camel has been specifically engineered to address the limitations of cargo space. With an impressive load capacity of up to 225 kg, it offers a reliable and spacious cargo area, surpassing standard motorcycles by 50%. The spacious cargo area integrates a front basket and multiple-sized cargo boxes, providing up to 1m3 of storage capacity. Additionally, Selex Camel’s versatility allows drivers to quickly switch between carrying goods and passengers by easily removing or installing the rear saddle.

Safety is a paramount consideration in our design process. The Selex Camel has been meticulously designed to prioritise safety without compromising on functionality. Its spacious cargo compartment offers ample storage capacity while ensuring excellent visibility for the rider. The adjustable side mirrors, equipped with convenient screw caps, ensure unobstructed views, contributing to a safer riding experience.

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4.2 Improving comfort and ease of use

Selex Camel optimised for delivery
Selex Camel is optimised for cargo delivery

Delivering goods entails long hours on the road, enduring unpredictable weather conditions. However, traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles often contribute to discomfort, particularly with inadequate shock absorbers that can lead to back pain.

Selex Camel revolutionises the delivery experience by prioritising comfort. Its sleek and sturdy design incorporates dual-sided shock absorbers, effectively minimising vibrations and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride that alleviates back pain. Moreover, the integration of convenient features such as a phone holder and a car-mounted USB charging port allows delivery riders to charge their phones on the go without the hassle of carrying external chargers.

In addition, Selex Camel integrates a real-time HMI display, eliminating the need for riders to stop or rely on their phones to check the time. The vehicle’s spacious storage area provides ample room to accommodate half helmets and other essential items required during deliveries

Efficiently manoeuvring a motorcycle with heavy cargo can be a daunting task, but Selex Camel addresses this issue with its flexible reverse gear function, enabling seamless navigation through tight spaces.

4.3 Enhanced Efficiency of Delivery Operations

Quick battery swapping process boosts delivery efficiency
Quick battery swapping process boosts delivery efficiency

With Selex Camel, delivery riders can seamlessly exchange their depleted battery for a fully charged one at Selex’s battery exchange stations in less than two minutes. This swift “refuelling” process surpasses the time-consuming nature of refuelling gasoline vehicles or relying on conventional EV charging stations. In addition, the Selex Camel boasts a remarkable top speed of 70 km/h, ensuring exceptional performance and speed for delivery riders to fulfil their orders promptly.

The efficacy of Selex Camel was exemplified through a month-long trial programme conducted in May 2023, in collaboration with renowned partners such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Development Research Institute of Thua Thien Hue. The results were awe-inspiring, showcasing Selex Camel’s ability to revolutionise the delivery industry. The program unveiled a staggering one-third reduction in required delivery trips, resulting in significant time and cost savings. What’s more, drivers who embraced the electric motorcycles experienced an impressive 34% increase in average income compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts.

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5. Conclusion

With Vietnam’s heavy reliance on gasoline-powered motorcycles, the transition to electric two-wheelers offers a sustainable and efficient solution. The Selex Camel addresses the limitations of traditional motorcycles by providing enhanced safety features, improved comfort, and unmatched efficiency. By embracing electric motorcycles, Vietnam can benefit from reduced pollution, decreased congestion, and increased income for delivery riders. The future of electric cargo deliveries with the Selex Camel holds immense potential for a cleaner and more efficient transportation system in Vietnam.

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