Selex Motors and Samsung SDI: Strategic partnership to develop and supply electric vehicle batteries for Viet Nam and Southeast Asian market

On February 23, 2024, Selex Motors and Samsung SDI signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation for the production of electric vehicle batteries. As part of the agreement, Selex Motors becomes the exclusive partner in Vietnam chosen by Samsung SDI to collaborate in providing genuine battery cells, while also jointly developing the market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia by leveraging the strengths of both parties.

According to the agreement, Samsung SDI becomes the strategic provider of battery cells for Selex Motors to manufacture electric motorcycle batteries exclusively for Selex’s smart electric motorcycle ecosystem. At the same time, Selex Motors will develop and provide battery packs using Samsung SDI cells for other partners in the Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets. Both parties aim to build a battery swapping network, pioneered by Selex, into a shared energy infrastructure, a vital sharing element in Vietnam and the region.

It is known that Samsung SDI is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of lithium-ion batteries, solar energy panels, and energy storage systems in the world. With superior quality and safety standards, Samsung SDI has been a key supplier of battery cells for many global brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, and GM Motors.

In order to collaborate with Selex Motors, Samsung SDI spent over a year evaluating the product design quality, technological capabilities, production lines, and development potential of this Vietnamese electric motorcycle brand.

This partnership once again demonstrates the technological capabilities and development potential of Selex Motors, a startup established only in 2018, which is highly regarded by international partners. Prior to this, in July 2023, Selex Motors was the only company in Vietnam to be visited by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury during his working trip to Vietnam. Selex Motors is also a preferred partner for many large technology companies such as Grab, Lazada, Gojek, ShopeeFood,…

Selex Motors is committed to promoting sustainable development through smart electric vehicles and renewable energy. With aspirations to become a “Hyundai of Vietnam,” Selex Motors has chosen the challenging path of independently developing a smart electric motorcycle ecosystem from scratch. Currently, Selex Motors has mastered all key technologies of electric vehicles, including battery technology, with a total of 10 patents, and manufactures products in Vietnam with over 80% of components sourced domestically.

Selex Motors is pioneering the establishment of the first battery swapping network in Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region. Selex Motors’ breakthrough solution allows users to “swap batteries like refueling”. With proprietary technology, Selex Motors’ batteries are compatible with over 70% of electric motorcycles currently circulating in the market. With the goal of building a shared energy infrastructure, Selex Motors is ready to share its technology and collaborate with partners to jointly develop and operate this new generation “gas station” network.

Selex Motors’ batteries are dust and water resistant, meeting the IP67 standard.

At the event, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, the CEO of Selex Motors, stated: “The collaboration with Samsung SDI to develop and supply electric motorcycle batteries in Vietnam and the region marks a significant milestone for Selex Motors. This demonstrates the trust of an international partner in Selex Motors and the electric vehicle market in Vietnam. It is also a crucial step for the company in ensuring the highest level of safety and product quality. We hope that in the future, together with Samsung SDI, we will provide the best electric vehicle battery products for the Vietnam and Southeast Asian markets.”

Selex Motors strategically partners with Samsung SDI to provide electric vehicle batteries for Vietnam and Southeast Asia

In line with this perspective, Mr. Lee Joon-Seo, the Head of Branch SAMSUNG SDI in Southeast Asia, shared: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Selex Motors. Despite being a startup company, Selex Motors has depth in technology and significant development potential. Selex’s manufacturing process, design, and product quality all meet the requirements we set when seeking partners. We are particularly impressed with Selex Motors’ battery swapping solution and look forward to jointly promoting the development of this solution in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.”

About Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI, headquartered in the Republic of Korea, is a world-leading battery and electronic material manufacturer redefining the worlds of electric vehicles, energy storage systems and IT devices. The company drives transformation and innovation to emerge as a ‘Creative Energy and Materials Solution Leader’ across the fields of e-mobility, energy solutions, as well as semiconductors and displays. The company commits to sourcing 100% renewable electricity across its entire global operations by 2050.

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