Selex Motors and Polyplastics: Join Forces To Advance Electric Two-Wheeler Battery Covers

Key Highlights:

  • Polyplastics announced that its DURANEX PBT has been selected for battery packs produced by Selex Motors.
  • Selex Motors has chosen Polyplastics’ DURANEX PBT, which is specifically formulated and produced for this application to help the company improve the overall quality of its batteries.
  • By integrating DURANEX into its battery covers, Selex is setting a higher standard for performance and reliability, ultimately contributing to a greener, more efficient and safer EV future.
Selex Motors - The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for last mile transport in Southeast Asia
Selex Motors – The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for last mile transport in Southeast Asia

Polyplastics, a global leader in the field of engineering plastics renowned for its innovative solutions, proudly announces a significant collaboration with Selex Motors, an emerging electric motorcycle startup based in Vietnam. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Polyplastics’ DURANEX PBT has been carefully chosen to be integrated into the battery packs manufactured by Selex Motors.

Polyplastics is a worldwide recognized engineering plastics company, noted for its broad expertise in manufacturing high-performance materials for a wide range of industries, including automotive, electric appliances, mobile & PC, and medical. Polyplastics has a long history of pushing the frontiers of innovation in order to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the changing needs of its clients.

Selex Motors is a modern and forward-thinking electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. Selex Motors Vietnam has quickly achieved notoriety for its contributions to the electrification of two-wheeler vehicles due to its strong dedication to sustainable transportation solutions and innovation.

Battery covers are indispensable elements in the world of electric vehicles (EVs), serving a multifaceted role that extends beyond mere protection. Their primary function involves ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the battery pack, shielding it from external elements and potential hazards on the road. By acting as robust barriers, these covers mitigate the risk of damage or malfunction due to environmental factors, thereby enhancing the overall reliability and durability of EVs. Additionally, battery covers play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the battery pack, preventing deformation, punctures, or other forms of physical damage that could compromise performance. Beyond their functional attributes, well-designed covers also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of electric two-wheelers, with sleek contours and modern finishes enhancing the perceived quality and desirability of EVs, thus driving greater adoption of sustainable mobility solutions.

Selex Motors battery
Selex Motors battery

Moreover, battery covers are pivotal in influencing the broader success and adoption of EV technology. Their integration into electric vehicles not only ensures safety and reliability but also enhances the overall functionality and visual appeal of these vehicles. As the EV market continues to evolve, the importance of battery covers will remain paramount, shaping the physical characteristics of electric two-wheelers and their acceptance into mainstream transportation systems. In essence, battery covers represent a critical convergence of form and function within the EV ecosystem, embodying principles of safety, reliability, and design excellence essential for driving the sustainable mobility revolution forward.

Recognizing the paramount importance of battery covers in their electric motorcycles, Selex Motors has made a strategic decision to employ Polyplastics’ cutting-edge DURANEX PBT. This specific variant of PBT resin has been meticulously formulated and engineered by Polyplastics to cater specifically to the demanding requirements of battery pack applications, underscoring its suitability for this critical role.

DURANEX PBT offers a plethora of advanced characteristics that align seamlessly with Selex Motors’ commitment to delivering uncompromising quality and performance. Notably, this advanced grade of PBT boasts exceptional flame retardancy, ensuring enhanced safety standards. Additionally, its low warpage properties and robust resistance to both heat and moisture further bolster the reliability and longevity of battery covers crafted from DURANEX.

By incorporating DURANEX PBT into their battery covers, Selex Motors is not only elevating the overall quality and performance of their electric motorcycles but also setting a new industry benchmark for excellence. This strategic decision underscores Selex Motors’ unwavering dedication to fostering a greener, more sustainable future for transportation, characterized by heightened efficiency and safety standards.

Selex Motors battery swapping solution
Selex Motors battery swapping solution

Both Polyplastics and Selex Motors stand firm in their unwavering dedication to maintaining the utmost standards of quality and reliability. This commitment is epitomized by the rigorous testing and certification processes undergone by DURANEX PBT, Polyplastics’ advanced polymer solution. Notably, DURANEX PBT has received acclaim from prestigious institutions like Underwriters Laboratory (UL), garnering a coveted V-0 rating that underscores its exceptional flame retardancy properties. Such recognition not only highlights the relentless pursuit of excellence by both Polyplastics and Selex Motors but also instills confidence in consumers regarding the safety and reliability of products integrated with DURANEX PBT.

Furthermore, the battery covers manufactured utilizing DURANEX exceed the exacting standards set forth by the TCVN (Vietnam National Standard System) and align seamlessly with stringent international benchmarks. This adherence to comprehensive quality assurance protocols ensures that consumers benefit from unparalleled performance and peace of mind when utilizing products equipped with DURANEX. As such, the collaborative efforts between Polyplastics and Selex Motors not only prioritize innovation and technological advancement but also underscore a shared commitment to delivering products of the highest caliber, thereby reinforcing trust and fostering long-term satisfaction among consumers in the burgeoning electric vehicle market.

Selex Motors and Polyplastics: Join Forces To Advance Electric Two-Wheeler Battery Covers
Selex Motors and Polyplastics: Join Forces To Advance Electric Two-Wheeler Battery Covers

In essence, this collaborative endeavor between Polyplastics and Selex Motors not only signifies a remarkable synergy between technological innovation and sustainable mobility but also heralds a transformative shift towards a future characterized by cleaner, safer, and more efficient electric transportation solutions.

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