Battery Solution

Battery Solution

As electrification of compact vehicles is happening, we need a flexible and low-cost energy infrastructure to meet and accelerate the new demand. This specific class of vehicles, which can be two-wheeler, three-wheeler and small cars, often travel less than 200 Km/day, are the most common transportation means in Vietnam and Southeast Asian cities, for both personal and logistics usage. Although, electric vehicles are seen to be an inevitable choice, their adoption rate is hindered by EV-inherent problems of high upfront cost due to high battery cost, long charging time and limited public charging facilities.

Picture: An example of battery pack for automotive, source:

At Selex Motors, we develop a pioneering battery solution that fundamentally solves these problems and, thus, has the potential to shape the future of urban mobility. Our proprietary technologies, a unique blend of cutting-edge technologies in lithium ion battery, IoT and big data, enable vehicles to be “refilled” at unprecedented rate, convenience and competitive cost. Currently in pilot deployment, our battery solution can be scaled up rapidly due to our different business approach with high co-investability and openness.

For more details of our journey of building the next generation “gas stations” for electric vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open for partnership in technology, deployment and investment.