Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

‘Make in Vietnam’ Products – Together we fight the Covid – 19 epidemic

The Covid – 19 pandemic has recently affected all aspects of our lives. As a start-up, Selex Motors cannot avoid facing the challenges. However, our company has determined that the most important task at this time is joining hands to win the battle against the Covid – 19 epidemic. It is also the responsibilities of every individual and organization. Therefore, the company has mobilized the resources to develop and manufacture automatic liquid hand soap dispensers timely in order to meet community needs. 

Selex Motors has cooperated with Dr. Han Huy Dung, Deputy Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Electronics and Telecommunications, Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Dr. Duong Tuan Hung, Chief of Environmental Chemistry Devision, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, to launch automatic liquid hand soap dispensers so as to meet the needs of the community. Dr. Dung, who is unfortunately infected with CoronaVirus while visting UK on a business trip with an unknown cause, joined the project because he hoped that the products will contribute to reducing cross-contamination in the community. Besides, Dr. Hung, as a chemist, he has researched and prepared his own liquid hand soap following WHO standard with the aim of providing the community with high quality liquid hand soap.

 The products were designed and manufactured in Vietnam. The story behind this project was broadcasted on VTV1 and VTV4 channels and reported by online newspapers such as Vnexpress, Soha, Zingnews and Cong Luan.

Products features

Unlike normal hand wash spray bottles on the market, our products help users wash their hands automatically without touching any objects that reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They can detect people’s hands by Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR sensor) and then spray the liquid hand soap which can be adjusted the amount you want in order to economize on liquid hand soap.






Size (HxLxW)

425 x 210 x 160 mm


Net Weight

1,2 kg


Automatically detect hands

Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR sensor)


Available Capacity

1 liter


Spray Volume  1ml each (adjustable)


Spray Form

Dew or Drop (adjustable)



Wall-mounted/ Put on a flat place (table)/ Mobile stand (separated accessory)


Liquid Hand Soap Quality

Following WHO Fomula


Working Life

 At least 500.000 times



TCCS 04:2020/SM



– The warranty period amounts to 1 month with 1 For 1 Exchange, from the date of the product receipt.

– 1 For 1 Exchange Wanrranty is only applied when the case of the dispenser is not scratched, dirty or discorlored.

– When the 1 For 1 Exchange Warranty cannot be applied, the warranty is still valid for 3 months.

For Purchasing

Via phone: Customers can order directly via phone number 0977209980

Our official e-commerce channels: Shopee, Lazada

For Distributors

Our company is recruiting distributors, if you are interested please contact us via phone number 0977209980 or via email